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Bucks at Sixers open thread 12/17/08

Tonight we get a second look at the DiLeo effect. Granted, the first game DiLeo coached was against the horrible Washington Wizards, things were different. The substitutions were crisp. The guys that deserved playing time got playing time. I saw offensive sets and players like Lou-Will coming off screens and hitting shots. It was much different than how the Sixers played under Cheeks.

I don't know how many times I've said this statement this season, but tonight let's see if DiLeo and the Sixers can "build on last week's win" against the Wizards and pull out a win in another home game against a pretty bad Eastern Conference team. The Milwaukee Bucks aren't very good, sitting at 11-15 on the year. That being said, they do have some talent on their roster. Mike Redd can drop 50 on any given night. Charlie V has been playing well this year, Andrew Bogut and Ramon Sessions, but it's still a very winnable game and a game the Sixers should win. As you know, I've curved my season expectations a bit, so I'm not back on the Sixers championship bandwagon just yet, but I still think they should be able to beat teams the like the Bucks.

The keys to winning tonight's game and starting the DiLeo era off 2-0 are simple. Number one, keep the crisp rotations and offensive sets. And number two, allow the players to play their game. Andre Miller needs to shoot less and pass more, much like he did last game. Iggy needs to play all-around ball and dunk on people's skulls. Thad needs to run the floor and finish at the rim. Brand needs to be the go-to guy. Sammy needs to stop shooting and dribbling period and just stick to dunking, rebounding and blocking shots and Lou-Will needs to not get to the rim and get to the line, while providing the team with a spark off the bench. All these things happened last game and it resulted in a win. After watching last game, DiLeo seems to realize these things and I have faith that they will continue tonight.

Let's go Sixers!

TV:Comcast SportsNet

Record: 10-14

Prediction: Sixers win

This is an open thread.

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