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Tony DiLeo is my hero

Not really, but I was impressed with what I saw tonight. DiLeo had the Sixers spacing the floor unlike Cheeks ever had. He had players coming off screens to hit jumpers, mainly Lou-Will. Everyone played well, especially Elton Brand. Unlike the Cheeks era, DiLeo had every player doing what he was supposed to. Dalembert was rebounding and not shooting. 17 boards. Miller was passing and not shooting. 12 assists. Lou-Will was providing a spark off the bench. Iggy played his all around game. Brand was posting up. It was great basketball to watch. 

That being said, it was against the Wizards, who aren't very good. The next three Sixer games are very winnable and then they travel to Boston to play the Champs. That'll be the measuring stick. Until then, I'm going to bask in Tony DiLeo's magnificent win. They rotations we're crisp tonight as well. No Donyell, even though I like him, no Theophilus and barely any Reggie. Oh yeah, and no Royal Ivey.

The next game is on Wednesday against the Bucks. For once, I hope the Sixers build on tonight's win.

Player of the Game: Brand 

Box score

Record: 10-14 

Favorite Open Thread Comment: I'm too lazy to look right now, but I know John had some good ones, Sexy T-Rex and even FqM had a cameo. You guys are dope.

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