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Sixers Lose a Yawner

Cavs 88 Sixers 72

To be completely honest, this was one of the most boring games of the year. The Sixers kept it close for the first 12 minutes. The score was 25-25 after the first quarter, but you never got the sense that the Sixers were actually "in" the game. From then on, the game was not entertaining at all.

No one expected the Sixers to win this game. Even I predicted them to lose by 14, so the 16-point loss went according to plan. I'm not going to pull the old, "Disappointed" card anymore, because along with everyone else, I've lowered my expectations and a blowout loss to one of the top three NBA teams on the road doesn't surprise me or disappoint me. They went into Cleveland. They suited up. And they lost. Like a donut-filled, flat-top wearing man once said, "They are who we thought they were."

Here are some quick observations:

-Andre Iguodala continues to trend upward. The jumpshot is looking smooth and he's getting to the rim again.

-Andre Miller isn't completely killing the team by taking 40 shots a game anymore. He was off tonight, he realized it and stopped shooting. Good for you Andre.

-Willie Green played well. Bravo Willie.

-Dalembert played decent. Don't mistake decent for good, because that he was not, but I'll give him decent.

-Thad played much better tonight.

-Elton Brand looked horrendous once again. He's not healthy. I'm 100% sure of that. Can we have a refund?

-Speights got two minutes. If we are going to keep losing at least play the young fella Mo.

-The Sixers missed Lou Williams tonight, who sat out with the flu. It was disappointing because he has really been turning it around as of late.

What a sorry start to the weekend, but hey, I'm excited. I'm done with school. Christmas shopping it is. Tomorrow night the Sixers play the Wizards in Philadelphia. It's a very winnable game and I expect it to be close and entertaining. That's all for tonight, but I want to leave you guys with a YouTube clip I discovered today. It's a nice way to get your mind off the Sixers.

Here it is!



Player of the Game: Iggy

Box score

Record: 9-14 (As FuqaManuel predicted. Congrats FqM.)

Favorite Open Thread Comment: "BIlly King was the anti-christ."-Sexy T-Rex



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