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Cavs at Sixers 12/10/08

It's been a while since the Sixers played.

Elton Brand will probably return on ESPN tonight.

All that means is we'll get to see LeBron dunk on us in HD. Apparently he has no regard for human life.

The Cavs are 18-3 and are currently on a nine-game winning streak.

They currently have the largest margin of victory in the NBA at 13.6 points. They usually build a monster lead and sit all their starters, hence LeBron's minutes being down six per game.

Check out Fear the Sword for Cavs stuff.

Things have been real quiet around here for the past week or so, but this is the last game on the schedule during finals, so Liberty Ballers should be rolling again this friday.

I'm still trying to figure out how I can watch the game tonight. I have a monster paper due tomorrow (which I haven't started) and my last final to study for. Once I'm done I'll probably be doing this.

Good luck on your finals everyone and let's try to stay competitive tonight. That's all I'm asking for. On the bright side, back-to-back blow out losses could end Cheeks' stint in Philly. We'll see what happens.

Let's go Sixers!


Record: 9-12

Prediction: 114-89 Cavs

This is an open thread.

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