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Sixers at Magic open thread 11/06/08


Dudes, I can't remember the last time we've been on TNT for a regular season game. Unless I'm forgetting one, the last occurrence was two years ago during the Iverson "trade me" saga. There's nothing better than seeing my boys in HD, along with the best pre/post-game show on the Planet, Inside the NBA. I can't wait for outrageous Charles comments, a couple Ernie Johnson-uber-creepy-laughs and some cleverly enhanced pictures that always make me smile. It sure beats NBA League Pass music, a fuzzy picture and horrible announcers like Walt Frazier.

To the game. Last night we were blown out by the Heat. Thank God for back-to-backs. 24 hours later, we have the chance to play on a national stage, against a legitimate playoff team and oh yeah, this freak. Good luck Sammy D; you're going to need it.

Here's my challenge to this suddenly cocky, lazy and careless basketball team. Play with some energy. Play with some heart. Play with some dignity and please, give us something to get excited about. Let's get our first road win of the season and keep my blood pressure down. Everyone needs to step it up. Let's go Sixers!

P.S. We have five days off after this game, so a win is necessary for me to be in a good mood for the long weekend. (Veteran's Day)

Magic P.O.V.: Third Quarter Collapse


Record: 2-3

Prediction: 146-75 Magic (Let's see if the anti-jinx works).

This is an open thread.

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