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Someone press the reset button.

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Right now I feel worse than Mike Dunleavy does.

We just got destroyed. I'd like to write something right now, but I'm afraid I'll write 4,000 words on why the entire coaching staff  and every player should be fired.

I don't want to get to dramatic, so I'm going to cool off a little bit and write a reasonably sane recap.

Feel free to vent in the comments. Post irrational things. Virtually punch Maurice Cheeks in the face. Profess your love for the 1st quarter Thad. Anything.

I'm off to either A) Freeze (Yes, it gets cold in Vegas) my buns off, hoopin' at the park or B) Conjure up the most outrageous trade scenarios and give up on this team already, while listening to the NBA League Pass music for hours on end. For mine and everyone else's sake, let's hope it's "A".

I hate the NBA.