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Bulls at Sixers open thread 11/30/08



I'm still disgusted over the loss to the Celtics the other night and the season in general. Tonight the Sixers play another mediocre Eastern Conference team in the Chicago Bulls. The difference between the Sixers and the Bulls is a young point guard named Derrick Rose. I'm excited to finally see him in action tonight and wouldn't be surprised if he absolutely abused Andre Miller on both ends of the court.

The Sixers and Bulls are both 7-9. The game is in Philadelphia, so I guess they're considered the favorites, but with the way the season has gone I don't expect it to be easy.

This team needs a shakeup. Read my recap/rant after the Celtics game for more on that. Read this dope game preview over at Blog a Bull. And check out Derrick Rose highlights for a taste of what he's going to do to Andre Miller tonight. Hopefully Andre plays such an embarrassing game, he's traded. One can only hope.


Record: 7-9

Prediction: 102-95 Bulls

This is an open thread.

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