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Ba Ba Ba Blowout

That was so easy a caveman (or Steve Nash) could've done it.

Beautiful game tonight. We did the things we set out to do. We defended our home court and feasted on an NBA-bottom feeder, and in doing so, returned to .500 and did it in blowout fashion.


-We won by 34 points.

-14 turnovers is still a lot, but it's not 18, which is what we've been averaging. One step at a time.

-8 steals. Solid.

-M16! Cheeks finally played everyone's favorite benchie and he came though. His offense was a little off tonight, but he contributed in other ways. In 22 minutes he scored four points, grabbed two boards, dished out two assists, blocked three shots and got two steals. He was all over the place and his jumper was still looking smooth. Hopefully he's a permanent rotation guy from here on out.

-Speaking of smooth, Thaddeus Young is a monster. His shot is 110% better than it was last year. His dribbling has improved and he now has a little swagger to him. Add that to his already advanced skills in finishing around the rim and his ability to beat every man down the floor, and we have ourselves a nice weapon on our hands.

-Andre Miller only took five shots and had zero turnovers. That's the kind of point guard we need.

-Lou-Will. Instant offense and he took better shots tonight. Good job.

-10-13 from beyond the arch. That's right. We hit ten threes. Most of them came in garbage time via Donyell Marshall and Kareem Rush. Regardless, it's nice to see us hit some threes.

-Willie Green was 5-6 from the field, 1-1 from downtown, 5-5 from the line and had zero turnovers in 16 minutes. Take a picture of this performance folks, because these are the kind that will get him out of my doghouse.

-Holding on to a 20-point lead! Wooooooooo!


-Andre Iguodala. The dude's nonexistent. He's supposed to be our franchise player and he got paid like one this off-season. As of right now, he's a complete bust in my mind. Thaddeus Young is running circles around the Igg-man. It's ridiculous.

-The Kings announcers. It's pronounced Speights, not "Spreights" you lil' jokers.

-25-35 from the line. I still feel like we could be better.

Player of the Game: Mo Cheeks for playing Marreese Speights. If I had to pick a player, it would probably be Thaddeus again.

Box Score

Record: 2-2

Favorite Open Thread Comment: "I wonder what Don Imus would say …"--Whodie126


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