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Kings at Sixers open thread 11/03/08

The last time our Sixers took the court they blew a 23 point lead to the lesser (at least we thought so) Atlanta Hawks. Tonight we return to Philly to face the Sacramento Kings and with three games under our belt we (me) need to stop making excuses like, "Oh, we're still developing team chemistry", "Our offense is a little rusty", "Elton Brand is the answer to all our problems" and just play some quality basketball. 1-2 on the season without playing a real powerhouse of a team has been extremely disappointing, but the best thing about the NBA is we can still go 80-2.

If we are ever going to be considered a good team, we are going to A) Win at home and B) Beat the teams that we're supposed to beat. Tonight the winless Sacramento Kings come to our place and there's no reason we shouldn't be able to accomplish both of those things and turn our season around. Check out Sactown Royalty for all things Kings.

Here some are some of our many problems that we need to fix. Soon.

Problem: We're only getting four steals a game and averaging 18 turnovers.

Solution: Simple. Steal the ball and take care of it on offense. No more stupid lob passes.

Problem: Andre Miller taking 15+ shots a game.

Solution: Stop shooting so much and run the offense. There's a reason we paid Andre Iguodala this summer. Get him the ball.

Problem: 70% from the line.

Solution: Shoot better, especially Elton and Iguodala who are both shooting under 67%.

Problem: Lou Williams cannot run the offense.

Solution: Have Miller run the offense and when he's off the court let Iggy run it. The offense is completely stagnant with Lou at the point.

Problem: Too much Reggie Evans.

Solution: Marreese Speights please. I don't care how experienced he is, or that Mo wants him to earn his time. M16 is a much better option at this point.

TV: Comcast SportsNet

Record: 1-2

Prediction: 101-89 Sixers

This is an open thread.

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