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Here comes Superman and the 10-4 Magic

This game could be bad, real bad. One of the Sixers biggest weaknesses is their perimeter defense and tonight one of the best 3-point shooting teams come to town. This is the second matchup with the Magic this year. If you don't remeber the first one, here's a quick recap: Dwight Howard got in foul trouble, the Sixers couldn't capitalize and got embarrassed on national TV. They only lost by 10, but the score could've been much worse.

Here's the good news. That loss was in Orlando. Tonight's game is in Philadelphia and the Sixers play significantly better on their home court than they do on the road. 

More good news. Today's my Friday, and hopefully everyone else's Friday. This game comes on the eve of my second favorite holiday of the year. Here's to the Sixers giving me and everyone else an early Thanksgiving present. The Turkey just won't taste the same without one.

And since Thanksgiving is near I'm going to forget about the poor coaching, Willie Green, the bad perimeter defense and the mediocre record. I'm going to be thankful for what we have.

-I'm thankful for Ed Stefanski. In the time that he's been here, he's done a superb job of building this team. He has a genuine passion for Philly sports and most importantly winning.

-I'm thankful for Andre Iguodala. Most people think he's having a down year, but he's contributing in different ways. He's also very fun to watch. The dunks are electrifying.

-I'm thankful for Thaddeus Young.

-I'm thankful for Marreese Speights.

-I'm thankful for Lou Williams, even though he's disappointing me right now.

-I'm thankful for Sammy D's blocked shots.

-I'm thankful for Reggie Evans hustle.

-I'm thankful for having players with cool first names like Thaddeus, Marreese and Theophilus on the team.

-I'm thankful for Elton Brand.

Check out Third Quarter Collapse for post game reaction to Mo Speights posterization of Superman! I feel the power of M16 coming on. He's having his coming out party on ESPN!



Record: 7-7

Prediction: (Does his best Lee Corso impression and puts on his Hip-Hop headgear and predicts a Sixers upset baby! *Crowd goes wild!*)

101-95 Sixers!

This is an open thread.

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