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Thaddeus and M16

I was starting to wonder if I was the only one infatuated with Mo Speights and Thad Young. Nope.

Here's a look at what bloggers from around SBNation have had to say about our future stars, along with some so-called "experts" opinions.

"Marreese Speights is a terrifying human being and a shoe-in for the Jason Maxiell All-Stars. At one point, he blocked David Lee's dunk attempt and wagged his finger like Dikembe Mutombo. I don't have proof, but I'd bet good money that Speights occasionally eats toddlers."--Seth from Posting and Toasting 

"Thaddeus Young was an absolute beast, making the Sixers' small lineup change the game. He finished with 25 points including a couple of vicious putback dunks."--Cornrows from Indy Cornrows

"Thad Young can ball. While Wolves fans will always be upset about Foye over Roy, Brewer over Young will increasingly sting over the years."

Canis Hoopus gives us a double dose.

"They have some great young talent in Young and Marreese Speights."--Stop-n-Pop from Canis Hoopus

"Marreese Speights looks pretty special too."

As does ClipsNation.

"Thaddeus Young is a monster.  I find it fascinating when Mike Smith kept talking about how they don't run plays for him.  Here's an idea - RUN A PLAY FOR HIM!  He's really good.  They're clearly underutilizing him."--ClipperSteve from Clips Nation

"... the only player exceeding expectations is second-year manThaddeus Young, a future star."--Eric Karabell, ESPN

"Wake up everybody -- this guy is a stud."--John Hollinger, ESPN in regards to Thad

"... he was the closest thing to Amare Stoudemire that I'd ever seen."--David Thorpe, ESPN in regards to Speights

I'm not imagining it! We do have a future!

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