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Sixers at T'Wolves tomorrow

The Sixers had quite the week last week. They reached .500 by winning three games in three completely different ways. The first game against the Raptors was a game I wasn't very optimistic about. At the time the Sixers were 2-5 and were about to play a team that had already beaten them, on their home court, in the opener. Surprisingly, the Sixers played inspired ball for the first time all season and pulled out a tough win. The big win against the Raptors was supposed to launch the season in the right direction, but the Sixers came out with a lackluster performance two nights later. The Sixers found themselves down by 26 to a much lesser team, the Indiana Pacers. This game was painful for two reasons. Number one, I hate Jim O'Brien, the coach of the Pacers. Sorry Jim. Number two, I taped the game and planned on coming home to watch it, only to check my phone with a ton of texts to ruin the game for me. And there's nothing less enjoyable than watching a game when you already know the outcome. The problem was, the Sixers ended up coming back from 26 down to beat the Pacers. A huge win to say the least, and I missed it. Then they destroyed the Thunder the very next night--an exciting game to watch.

Tomrrow the Sixers will try to extend their winning streak to four against the 1-8 Minnesota TimberWolves. Again, the Sixers should win, but the way their season has gone so far, nothing would surprise me. If the Sixers are ever going to be considered a legitimate contender, they need to beat bad teams, especially those of the 1-8 kinds. They need to win tonight to keep things rolling.

Check out Canis Hoopus for T'Wolves extravaganza.

What to look for:

-All Sixers' fans, including me to take their man-crush of Thaddeus Young to another level.

-I can't wait to get a good look at Kevin Love.

-Al Jefferson is the T'Wolves best player by far and last year Sammy D had 9 blocks (mostly against him) including the potential game-tying jumphook.

-The Sixers had trouble keeping Jermaine O'neal and Chris Bosh off the glass, especially offensively. Jefferson and Love could have a field day.

-Rodney Carney, Kevin Ollie and Calvin Booth's return! I miss you Rodney.

-Andre Iguodala to continue to resurrect his disappointing start to the season.

-Andre Miller to stop shooting so much.

-M16 to be a factor. I just feel it.

-Lou Williams to put together a solid game, hopefully.

TV: Comcast SportsNet

Record: 5-5

Prediction: 102-93 Sixers

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