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Hello .500

Great win tonight, but it was expected. First off, I'd like to congratulate myself on coming insanely close on my pre-game prediction. My prediction was 112-86 and the final score ended up being 110-85. It's about time one of my predictions was close; hopefully it's a sign of things to come and brings good karma to the Sixers.

If you asked me in the off-season if I would be happy with a .500 record after 10 games, I would've told you absolutely not, but in this case I'm stoked. The Sixers have now rattled off three impressive wins in a row, showing they can win in different ways. First, they went blow-by-blow with a very solid team in the Raptors. Then they stormed back from 26 down to beat a team they were supposed to beat anyway and tonight they destroyed a bad team.

The first half was a little too close for comfort. The Thunder were keeping up with the Sixers and were only down four points at halftime, but then as every good team should, the Sixers came out with that killer instinct in the second half and within a matter of minutes had built the lead to 20 points. They never looked back and won in style, dunking, running, stealing. It was a beautiful brand of basketball.

Random Thoughts:

-Andre Miller had only five shots and nine assists! Awesome.

-Thaddeus Young is my new favorite player.

-Lou continues his sorry season.

-Sammy D bounces back with a nice game.

-Andre Iguodala had a nice jumpshot? Yes sir. Hopefully he keeps it up.

-Jeff Green is good.

-Russell Westbrook is exciting.

-M16 rarely disappoints.

-Elton Brand doesn't like to shoot a high percentage any more.

-Mo Cheeks still makes questionable decisions.

-Next game is Wednesday against Minnesota. 

Player of the Game: Thaddeus Young

Box score

Record: 5-5

Favorite Open Thread Comment: "I want Thad to father my children"--SexualTyrannosaurus

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