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Another game, another loss

I hate negative fans and those "Let's trade and fire everybody!" attitudes, but I have to say, I can't blame them right now because I'm feeling the same way. Not only are we losing, but but we barely have any positives to build on and in many ways we are beating ourselves.

Tonight was no different. Utah is a good team, but they were without their starting center, their franchise player was coming off a severely sprained ankle and they still came into our building and beat us. 

Here are some familiar storylines:

-16 turnovers and only 4 steals.

-Andre Miller leading our team in shots.

-38% shooting.

-Horrible outlet passes.

-Can't get Elton Brand involved.

-Questionable lineups.

These are the same problems we've been having all year and it's very frustrating. Andre Miller is not leading the team at all. Maybe him playing for a contract explains why he's turned into a ball hog, but it needs to stop. Our biggest problem has to be our point guard play right now.

Let's try to look at some positives.

-Andre Iguodala still wasn't in beast mode, but played much better. He was more involved in the offense.

-Elton Brand had 6 blocks. There was a stretch in the third quarter where he was absolutely dominant on the defensive end.

-We outscored them 30-14 in the third?

Tomorrow we travel to Toronto and I don't expect these problems to be fixed overnight. Something drastic needs to happen though. Someone needs to get fired, benched, chewed out, anything. If we play like this for the next few months we might have to start the Ricky Rubio/Brandon Jennings watch.

Player of the Game: No one?

Box score

Record: 2-5

Favorite Open Thread Comment: "You ain’t got no rhythm."--jemagee

Even my dancing was criticized. 

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