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What if...

What if the Sixers continue to suck? Do they trade Andre Miller and/or Andre Iguodala and Sammy D?

If they play like they have been much longer, you better believe these rumors are going to be discussed. As much as people might regret that huge Iguodala contract, he's not going anywhere. Stefanski isn't going to unload his young, supposed franchise player for anything and unfortunately I don't think he has another option. 

Samuel Dalembert is a different story. He's going to turn 28 before next summer and that's kinda sorta old for a guy who has very little basketball skills/IQ and relies strictly on his athleticism. Dalembert is the Sixers' best one-on-one low-post defender and a very good rebounder; there's no doubt about that. But is a 28 year old center, with 33 million left on his contract valuable to a possibly mediocre team? No. His defense could definitely help a contender and if the Sixers fall completely out of the race at any point this season, I think a trade of Sammy D has to be examined. Not to mention the fact that that would give Speights a chance to get some serious run.

Andre Miller is the player most likely to get traded if the Sixers fall out of it prior to the deadline. He's an old point guard, who sucks super hard right now, but he's an expiring contract and might be appealing to a team in need for a veteran point guard. Thank God Stefanski didn't give him that extension in the off-season because things aren't looking too good for Andre right now. If the Sixers play like we all thought they would, obviously Miller isn't going anywhere, but I don't think anyone would complain if Eddy could somehow get a valuable young point guard for Miller regardless of our record. Sergio Rodriguez anyone?

Now don't take this post the wrong way. I'm not saying, "Trade everybody! We suck! Stefanski is a horrible GM! We need to rebuild!" No, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying, if we are not contenders with this team as assembled, trading our veterans for younger talent is better than being a mediocre team for years to come, wasting years of Thad, Lou, Andre and M16's careers. Why not get even younger and letour studs grow together. After signing Brand, we can't rebuild per say, just re-stock. A promising young point guard is priority number one.

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