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Last Night's Game

We dominated the Knicks. Elton Brand dominated the Knicks. Mo Speights dominated the Knicks. It was just a beautiful game all around. 



-We won by 29 points.

-Elton Brand looked amazing, albeit he had Zach Randolph guarding him.

-Willie Green had one of his 4 good games of the season.

-Andre Miller looked pretty solid, minus a couple of stupid lob passes.

-Mo Speights played five minutes, scored six points and pulled down three boards. 

-No Donyell or Theo.

-Lou behind the back to Iggy for the jam.

-Gus Johnson.

-59% shooting.


-Reggie hogging the ball when we should have given it to Speights every play.

-19 turnovers.

-16 Knicks offensive rebounds.

-Andre Iguodala only taking seven shots.

-Walt Frazier's lame coverage of the game.

-Bad passing.

Player of the Game: Elton Brand

Box Score

Record: 1-1

Favorite Open Thread Comment: "Walt Frazier just described the Knicks style as dishing & squishing."--jemagee

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