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Mo Cheeks Postgame Presser

Disclaimer: This is a summary of what Mo'Mo' said in his presser. Don't quote me on anything!

We didn't want to start season that way. Our shots stopped falling. Chris Bosh is good. He always tears us up in this building. It's tough to double Bosh and JO because of the shooters.

We weren't creating any turnovers in the first half. Our game is creating turnovers. We had to rely on our half-court offense.

Hopefully not too many teams have Bosh and O'Neal. You have to pick your poison. You can either double down low or (Awkward look from Mo mid-sentence when he hears crowd cheering) I figured that one out for you. (Very creepy laugh). You have to double down or spread the floor. Pick your poison.

Brand did ok. They had long guys on him. Brand's job is tougher when we're not making outside shots. Our defense is not where we want it to be. Elton can play on the block or off the block.

I'm disappointed in phases of the game, like defense. I'm not disappointed in the team. We didn't shoot well or defend well. It won't come overnight.

When we were moving in our half court offense, we were better. I have no problem with us shooting the three if it's there. We'll work more on that at practice tomorrow.

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