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Sixers vs. Cavs open thread 10/18/08

Pre-season game number five is here as we travel to Cleveland to watch the LeBron show. This game is going to be a little more exciting for me than the previous three. lt's always fun to watch LeBron, especially when the games don't count. Unfortunately, the game won't be on TV, again, and I can never seem to get any links to work, so I'll have to settle for the the three things that have carried me through the pre-season: the box score, the live play-by-play chart and the highlights.

We all know what we need to be on the lookout for, the rotation, yeah, young guys, yeah, team chemistry, yeah. It's starting to get a bit repetitive, but if you get a chance to watch or listen to this game, remember this?

The Cavs came into Philly late last season and robbed them on fan appreciation night! It was a horrible momentum loss heading into the playoffs and if not for a disgusting ending, we would've actually finished above .500 last season. So, watch Speights and his awesomeness because the rest of the basketball world is starting to catch on. Watch Thad continue to ball his brains out. See if Lou can get his act together, because there's no other way to put it, he's sucked thus far. And see if the Sixers can guarantee themselves a winning record this pre-season. Payback Cavs, for the Fan appreciation night robbery.

P.S. It's not like the Phillies' World Series' opponets don't play at the same time of this game.

Prediction: 92-87 Sixers

Injury Report: It looks like Sammy D will be a late scratch with a bum knee. Elton will also miss the game. He's spending time with his wife and new-born. Neither traveled with the team. I guess this is Speights time to shine.

This is an open thread.

Links to the streaming game or audio anyone?

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