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Where does everyone fit it?

Here's another one of those things to ponder until opening night, which is now only 12 days away! Wooooo! Anyway, how do we think coach Cheeks' rotation play out? Will there be any surprises in the starting lineup? (Better not). How will all the new players mesh?

Here's a very brief article on the rotation from the Smallwood/Jasner blog.

The rotation guys: Figure forward Reggie Evans, center Theo Ratliff, forward/guard Kareem Rush, guard Lou Williams.

I'd be satisfied if that was the final rotation. The problem is, we all know how Coach Cheeks ODs on the Willie Green Kool-Aid and it was very apparent last game against the Knicks. Willie "insert bad nickname" Green was the first one off the bench. Why Mo, why? Why must you torture us? I'm on record saying that I think Willie can be effective in 8-10 minutes a game, but I'll retract that statement if it means no Kareem Rush and/or less minutes for my main man, Lou. We all know the stats, the poor shots, etc., so I'll go to a quote straight from a Liberty Ballers reader to sum it up. "Willie Green sucks so hard!!!"--dp8039

Now that we've established the no Willie G clause, what should the rest of the rotation look like? Here's my suggestion.

Starting Lineup: Miller, Iguodala, Thad, Brand and surprises there.

Rotation: Lou-Will HAS to be the first guard off the bench. Reggie should be the backup for Brand because of his energy and rebounding. Kareem Rush comes in for occasional periods of the game when we need to stretch the D and get some 3's. And Theo as Sammy's backup.

Minutes have to increase as season goes on: Mo Speights. He can play both power forward and center, so watch out Sammy, Reggie and Theo. He's coming.

If I see you on a regular basis someone is hurt or Mo Cheeks is trying to win Worst Coach of the Year: Willie G, Donyell and Royal Ivey.

In danger of being cut or sitting on the bench in street clothes the entire season: Jared Reiner and Antywane Robinson.



Will the Brand/Dalembert combo work?

If the pre-season was any indication, I'd say no. I haven't been able to watch the games, but looking at the box scores, Sammy seems lost on both ends of the court. He has only 1 block this entire pre-season and has only played 19 minutes a game. Is that due to Elton's arrival, Sammy's sucking or his sore knee?

This preseason, Dalembert has played the fewest minutes (19.0) of the projected starters, in part to take it easy on a sore knee, in part to allow Cheeks to take a longer look at first-round draft choice Marreese Speights.

Hopefully it's more his bum knee and the emergence of M16 rather than him just sucking or Brand's arrival. I've been defending Sammy a lot on this blog, so he better come through.

Speaking of Speights, he's been impressing everyone this summer from the Maloof brothers and Rick Kamla to the man in charge of his minutes, Mo Cheeks.

"I just liked the way he was playing, the energy he was giving," Cheeks said. "He made some great defensive plays. He plays with a little poise."

Don't forget his finger-wag!

Speights showed some personality on the block of fellow former Florida player Lee, wagging his finger a la Dikembe Mutombo afterward.

"I just got caught up in the action," Speights said. "I didn't mean to do that. That's my boy."

Man, he's quickly becoming one of my favorite players.

As for my other boy, Lou-Will, it looks like he'll keep the role he had last year.

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