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Sixers vs. Knicks open thread 10/14/08

Woooo! The pre-season is still here. The good news is, after this, the Sixers will play only three more meaningless pre-season; then games start to count. Tonight we get the Knicks again and this time it's in their building. Just four days ago, the Knicks came into "the Wach" and beat down the Sixers. The game was a lot worse than the 110-104 score indicated. The Sixers were out rebounded by eight, mostly due to David Lee; he's an absolute stud. The Sixers were also outscored 38-13 in the second quarter. Those are two things I can't stand, ending halves poorly and getting out rebounded.

Tonight, I'd love for us to go into MSG and beat the team that handed us our only loss of the pre-season. I'm grasping at straws here trying to get pumped for the fourth pre-season game, but I'm dying for some competitive basketball. (R.I.P. Tony Romo by the way.) As for the starters, I imagine we'll trot out the same lineup of Miller, Iggy, Thad, Brand and Sammy, as we should.

Other than the fact that I want to see us beat the Knicks, I'd also like us to out rebound them, for Thad, Lou and Speights to continue to grow and to see as little of Willie Green and Royal Ivey as possible.

Here's the audio link, which has some pre-game stuff as we speak. If anyone can find a link for streaming video, please post it! I'd much rather watch this than listen.

Prediction: 98-91 Sixers

This is an open thread.

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