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Sixers vs. Raptors open thread 10/12/08

The Sixers are 1-1 and the Raptors are 2-0 and they play today at 10 o'clock pacific time. 10 on a Sunday morning? Really? I'll be at church and/or monitoring my fantasy teams and I'm sure that's what the rest of you will be doing. It's not on TV either. I'll have the LeaguePass audio on if I'm home and post some live play-by-play and reactions, but Sunday mornings, plus no TV broadcast, plus third pre-season game don't bode well for open threads. I'm posting this though, just in case someone, somewhere finds a link for the game and wants to post it or post their thoughts in the thread. And I encourage you to do so, especially a link. I'd definitely watch this over football if it was on.

After last game, I know Elton, Miller and Iggy are fine, so I'll be looking to see if our young guys play well this morning (Lou, Thad and Speights). We're not even sure if Lou or Thad will play with a chin laceration and eye scratch, respectively. I'll be looking for what lineups/rotations Mo uses. After hearing that he's a huge fan of Royal Ivey, I'm a little worried he is going to become the next Willie Green.

Here's the audio for those who want to listen and remember...

This is an open thread.

Go Sixers! And good luck to all your fantasy teams.

(P.S. this might get me in some hot water but go Cowboys.)

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