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Tony DiLeo Is Not Billy Beane, And That's OK


Some people think you can either believe in basketball or numbers about basketball. That's just wrong.

The Curious Case Of The Sixers Missing General Manager

The Sixers are wrapping up one of the most influential off-seasons in franchise history, by looking for a General Manager. Wait, what?

An Andre Iguodala Trade Is 'Highly Unlikely', According To Report


Andre Iguodala won't be traded from the Sixers this off-season, according to a report.

Tom Penn 'Serious Candidate' For Sixers GM Job, According To Report


According to a report, Tom Penn is a serious candidate for the Sixers General Manager job.

Tom Penn talks lockout on ESPN


Interesting piece with Tom Penn discussing lockout and new cba with J.A. Adande. My takeaway is that the Blazers aren't the only team that will have to reconfigure if the owners get their way.

Tom Penn


Here's Tom Penn on ESPN yesterday, talking about Miami's free agent pursuit and cap space. He looks like he's started to fill into his role as their resident cap expert quite nicely. A somewhat humorous moment about halfway through when they put up his mini-resume on the screen.

According to this Dempsey article, the Blazers are targeting Warkentien


It isn't as worrisome as the article makes it seem if we can get Pritchard, because frankly I'd have KP over Wark.

The Penn Plot Thickens...


Dwight Jaynes thinks the following quote from the "extended" Peter Vescey column (doesn't provided a link to that column) is a major bomshell, which Dwight views as credible: "I'm told Penn threatened to expose Miller for doing something improper. For the time being, I'll leave it at that." Dwight's smelling a major scandal here. Maybe this is just the media blowing things way out of proportion. At least Dwight thinks this latest turn of events means that KP's situation, whether there's a problem there or not, isn't tied to what happened with Penn. Nevertheless, I'm tired of all these negative off-court stories. Anyone else feel like the Blazers are becoming a soap opera again? Do other teams have these problems but we just don't hear about them?

Tom Penn New GM?


Loose rumors claim Tom Penn from the Portland Trailblazers is in the mix for to be Clippers GM.

Penn Slapped


Glen Taylor shivs his team's fans once again.

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