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Cageside link: Wrasslin' Story Time! Why wrestlers are grumpy, Part 1 (Because it hurts)


SBNation writer Steven Godfrey shares an anecdote about shooting promotional photos for a video game with former WWE and TNA wrestler Tyson Tomko which reveals why wrestlers can get so cranky. Reason No. 1: because everyone calls it fake when the pain is damn real.

SBNation Basketball Blog in the NYT

Posting & Toasting — or P&T, as it’s called — is one of 30 loosely affiliated fan-run basketball communities, a small part of the 312-blog hydra that is SBNation, an online sports network that claims 20 million hits a month. SBNation’s basketball blogs all have different moods: the Nets blog is generally angry; the Lakers blog is stubbornly triumphalist; the Heat blog is weirdly deserted and unloved — and P&T is mordant, intermittently hilarious and a little absurd. Posters & Toasters noticed long ago that Knicks point guard Raymond Felton resembles a duck or a penguin, and recent injuries to Felton’s hands have inspired hundreds of heartfelt posts from fans worried about his "flippers" and the delicate webbing between his toes. Joe Flynn, who provides game previews and analysis from a desk somewhere in China, begins his posts by supplying the Mandarin names for Knicks opponents. Fans who have noted the distressing tendency of Knicks management to understate the severity of players’ injuries have taken to reinterpreting the scant medical data the team releases. When Carmelo Anthony missed two games with a hyperextended knee, panicked Posters & Toasters concluded, after some debate, that the star forward’s leg had fallen off.

State get's the Bill Connelly preview treatment


Bill Connelly, SBNation's resident stats guru and preseason previewer, today previews MSU, and has some pretty good things to say. Bill talks about how State could be primed to seize a good season, aided by depth and a favorable schedule. As always, really good stuff from Bill. I encourage you to check it out

EDSBS goes inside MSU Football for a day


If you haven't already seen it suggested by the 13245135351239 other State people who may have passed it to you via email, twitter, or Facebook today, I suggest you take the time to read Spencer Hall's recap of his day with Dan Mullen and the Mississippi State football program. An outstanding job by Spencer, even though Dan thought he was a dormitory! (no joke) Check it out

iPhone App


Man, maybe I just have an old phone (3GS), but the app does not work on my phone. Maybe every 4th time, if I wait long enough, it will load. I added BTB to my home screen and access it that way. Works fine, but the app, when it works, is much easier to read comments, etc. Anyone else have any information? The app store feedback section is weak, to say the least.

MLB Daily Dish: Reds organizational chart


Our friends and fellow SBNation-als over at MLB Daily Dish have prepared a very thorough and well-rendered mapping of the Reds' system, which includes executive structure, rosters, salaries, arbitration and option details, and recent BA prospect rankings. I think you'll agree they've done a bang-up job and that this tool will enable you to waste even more time thinking about players you barely knew existed. It's meant to be a living document, so MLBDD urges feedback and corrections. We've passed along the bit about Pensacola, but feel free to chime in over there.

The Columbus Crew now has a home on SBNation


Some inter-network news this morning for you all. As you guys may very well know we here at Stumptown Footy are part of a much larger, bigger and all around fantastic sports network of blogs and sites. This works out great for you guys since it means we have more resources available and more clout with which to get us into sports events and the like. Today (actually yesterday) our MLS corner of this network got a little bigger with the addition of the Massive Report, SBNation's newest MLS blog. Some of you might have stumbled upon their site prior to its SBNation-izing. It's the same guys and really the same site... they're just part of the family now. I hope this site can serve as a resource for you guys when the Timbers play the Crew this upcoming season. We plan on exploiting them in a similar manner for our match previews. In the mean time, feel free to hop on over to their fanshots and give em a jolly welcome!

SBN's Sharp Gives Blazers the Love


Apologies if this has been posted, but I didn't see it today and I went through the list a couple times looking for an old post. It's glowing about Portland, and calls out the world for not focusing on how together the Blazers were, and what their potential could be actually right now, or 8 weeks from now. Great, great writeup.

K-State Is a No. 6 Seed in Latest SBNation Bracketology


I love this bracket with a capital "L." K-State would mess Boston College and BYU up something fierce. And who doesn't want to see the Jake-Jimmer rematch?

SBNation's Bubble Watch Debuts; UTEP a "Bubble Longshot"


SBNations inaugural Bubble Watch was released today. UTEP, with an RPI of 72 and SOS of 137, is on the list but not in a great spot. Chris Dobbertean is worried about the strength of UTEP's remaining opponents since the Miners don't play any of the C-USA powers twice this season. UAB, Memphis, and UCF also make the post.

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