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Save DenverStiffs and SBNation! Sign petition to preserve net neutrality.

I mentioned this issue in yesterday's mailbag post, but I thought I would do a FanPost to highlight the fact that the FCC is really about to change our blogging lives for the worse. It will very...

Cageside link: Wrasslin' Story Time! Why wrestlers are grumpy, Part 1 (Because it hurts)


SBNation writer Steven Godfrey shares an anecdote about shooting promotional photos for a video game with former WWE and TNA wrestler Tyson Tomko which reveals why wrestlers can get so cranky. Reason No. 1: because everyone calls it fake when the pain is damn real.

Sports media gives strong coverage to gay-friendly NFL players story


Eddie George Outsports' story about a dozen NFL players offering support for a gay teammate got an overwhelming response from the sports...

SBNation Basketball Blog in the NYT

Posting & Toasting — or P&T, as it’s called — is one of 30 loosely affiliated fan-run basketball communities, a small part of the 312-blog hydra that is SBNation, an online sports network that claims 20 million hits a month. SBNation’s basketball blogs all have different moods: the Nets blog is generally angry; the Lakers blog is stubbornly triumphalist; the Heat blog is weirdly deserted and unloved — and P&T is mordant, intermittently hilarious and a little absurd. Posters & Toasters noticed long ago that Knicks point guard Raymond Felton resembles a duck or a penguin, and recent injuries to Felton’s hands have inspired hundreds of heartfelt posts from fans worried about his "flippers" and the delicate webbing between his toes. Joe Flynn, who provides game previews and analysis from a desk somewhere in China, begins his posts by supplying the Mandarin names for Knicks opponents. Fans who have noted the distressing tendency of Knicks management to understate the severity of players’ injuries have taken to reinterpreting the scant medical data the team releases. When Carmelo Anthony missed two games with a hyperextended knee, panicked Posters & Toasters concluded, after some debate, that the star forward’s leg had fallen off.

Kris Joseph Gets Loose on the Nets

Check out this line: 11pts; 6 boards; 1 assist; 1 block... IN TWELVE MINUTES. He also had a +16. Not bad. Perhaps it was that recent article about the cuts Boston made to its roster, where Doc...

Breathe: We're Here for You


A safe place to talk about the new look of Liberty Ballers and SB Nation.

Utah receives votes (vote?) in this week's BlogPoll

Utah doesn't crack the BlogPoll top 25, but at least they're receiving votes.

The Bent Musket Presents....A New Chapter (With The Right Logo This Time)

This Fall, SB Nation will be undergoing a major renewal through a project known as SB Nation United, and The Bent Musket will be a part of that. Here's a quick look at our new logo (the actual one,...

Welcome to the Future of Five for Howling and SB Nation


Big changes are coming to Five for Howling and the SBNation network. The first of many is today's logo launch!

A sneak peek at what's to come...

An update is coming to Block U. You'll want to check this out.

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