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2008 Olympics Basketball Flashback: The Redeem Team


Kobe Bryant came up clutch for Team USA in 2008.

Easter Surprise: Chosen One Makes Noise About Rising Above USA Basketball


I loved the Redeem Team. That squad that restored the United States to the top of the international basketball hierarchy fused talent, teamwork, and a relentless commitment to outworking the other...

NBA Players Traveling? Surely, You Jest, Spain


Yesterday, we brought you the news of Jose Calderon's discontent. And perhaps we were a little too scathing with regards to Mr. Calderon, who is a fantastic player and, visual racial slurs aside, a...

Team Golds Not Properly Counted at Olympics


One final thought on the Olympics (we promise ... maybe) from Sporting News basketball columnist Mike DeCourcy. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵One by one, each member of Team USA was awarded his gold medal. The...

Same Ol' Team USA ... Just Better


↵ ↵The sentiment had been building: this Team USA hadn't really learned a thing, and it's playing the begrudged NBA style instead of the beloved Euro way. Shoals waxed eloquent on the subject...

Tape Delay Does Wonders for West Coast Fans


I'm probably not the first person to say this, but tape delay has ruined Olympic hoops for those of us on the West Coast. I know, I could watch it on my laptop. Or go into a self-imposed media...

Sledge on, Team USA, Whatever That Means


Yet another Team Australia -- I mean, Boomers (why do they get a nickname?) -- bombshell. I think. Patrick Mills, the one we all were briefly nuts about it, has, umm, something to say about...

Shoals Unlimited: Olympics Proving That NBA's Style of Play Still Rules the Hardwood


Welcome to Shoals Unlimited, where Bethlehem will post a long-form piece on basketball once a week. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵When Jerry Colangelo set out to save USA Basketball, he made sure the public...

Team USA Gets All And 1 on Germany


It gets awfully difficult to keep track of who Team USA is playing when, and what's already happened, and at what point I'm going to wake up and discover that, here on the west coast, the Olympic...

USA Clocks Spain, Hurries Back to Water Cube


↵So Team USA beat vaunted Spain by almost twice as much as they beat unvaunted Angola. Myriad factors contributed: the Americans shot lights out (58%), Spain couldn't hang onto the ball (a...

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