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Patience is a virtue.


What will it take to trade the 1 to the magic?

I have recently read that the cav's are interested in trading down to the 3-4 range because they think Embiid will still be available. Realistically what do you think the trade would consist of? We...

LB Mock Draft Pick #4: Magic Snag Exum

With the fourth pick in the LB NBA Mock Draft, Orlando opts for the best player on the board.

NBA Playoffs heat up players and refs


I've had trouble getting into the NBA regular season for the last 10 years. But inevitably, around early May, I get hooked on the playoffs. I start planning my evenings around them. The players...

Magic "ties" Lakers, Dewey defeats Truman


Check out the back page of today's Philadelphia Daily News after the jump -- specifically, the bottom left-hand corner of the page (although the "Rockin' Raul!" stuff is pretty exciting, unless...

Quick hits: Pens, Magic, Favre, Brady


Magic have best shooting-percentage game in NBA Final history and beat the Lakers, bringing out the tired "It's a series" cliche everywhere. Penguins force Game 7 of Stanley Cup Finals. So far,...

Quick hits: Anquan, Magic, ManU, Penguins


The Orlando Magic have taken a 3-1 series lead over the heavily favored Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs aren't out of it yet, with two home games remaining. But they've lost 6 of their last 8 games...

Quick hits: Magic, Brady, Indians, French


SI columnist thinks Magic fans have reason to worry about potential favorable treatment of LeBron James from the refs. Ever hear of a guy named Michael Jordan? While relocated WWE event in L.A....

Quick hits: Magic, Mickelson, Stallworth


LeBron James scores 49...and the Cavs lose to the Magic. I wouldn't want to be in the Cleveland locker room after that game. Phil Mickelson has taken a leave from golf to be with his wife, who has...

Quick hits: Federer, Phelps, Lakers, Magic


Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal in the Madrid final...on clay! Injuries catch up to Rockets and Celtics as Lakers and Magic reach Conference Semifinals. Phelps loses again in Charlotte. Illinois...

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