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The Eddie Jordan Era

Kate Fagans does it again; clever little graphic.

More Eddie Jordan from Bullets Forever

Jake from Bullets Forever gives a nice breakdown on how Eddie Jordan was able to improve almost every player's offensive numbers when he was with the Wizards, and how his departure might hurt them. From this excerpt it seems like Lou is headed for a breakout year -- at least offensively. Since the Princeton isn't as reliant on a traditional guard designations, Arenas was free to go back and forth between being a distributor and attacking the basket as a scorer. -- Jake on Gilbert Arenas and the Princeton Offense. Sounds like Lou Williams to me.

Brendan Haywood bashes Eddie Jordan

"That Princeton Offense alienated a lot of guys on our team and it didn't allow us to use everybody and all their skills. I think Flip's offense is gonna really help us out a lot." -- Brendan Haywood. I know what you're thinking. "Who cares when Brendan Haywood has to say?" But it's not just him. During the Summer League, I actually had a chance to spend some time in the Wizards locker room, and Brendan isn't the only player who dislikes Eddie Jordan. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. P.S. Click the link for more EJ bashing.

Eddie Jordan to be Sixers new head coach

Hat tip to dolphin341 for the FanPost. Jordan and Tommy T were my two choices, so I'm happy. I wouldn't say I'm ecstatic -- but I'm happy. There really wasn't much else out there. I'm on the road right now, so more on this when I get home. Until then, read the 'Getting to Know Eddie Jordan' piece for the hundreth time. Ladies and Gentlemen... Eddie Jordan!

Eddie Jordan?

This article was posted by Kate Fagan on Sunday, but I just saw a link to it on Sactown Royalty. I must have missed it the first time around, but better late than never... "Consider shifting DiLeo back to the front office. Hire a coach that might encourage this city to take notice. There is little doubt that DiLeo knows X's and O's, but there is a question mark - given Ratliff's words - that he can coach this team rather than just being the guy who stands in that spot. Former Wizards coach Eddie Jordan's name has been thrown around. He worked for Ed Stefanski with the Nets. Some sources close to the team say the Sixers need a coach who commands respect, is a former player but not a player's coach, and is more strict than former Sixers coach Maurice Cheeks. Someone similar in style to Pistons coach Michael Curry." -- Fagan I know we've discussed the coaching situation ad nauseum, but what do you guys think Terrence Howard, I mean Eddie Jordan? It sounds like he’s the early front runner.

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