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Brandon Davies and the Art of Clinging On


As one of six players to last the whole 2013-14 season, Davies has continuity on his side.


Dario Saric Dances His Way to Philly: the facts and fiction we all need to know.

Dario Saric the Next Big Thing or the Next Sixers’ Mascot? First of all I will not overdo what has been done evaluating the Saric trade, but I wanted to add my vote of approval to Hinke’s genius...


Trading Places: New Sixers Draft Scenarios & Exum Commercials

Trading Places As an avid Sixers fan, you have more than likely had a roller-coaster experience over the last few days regarding the impending NBA Draft, so just imagine how much more work Hinke...


What Are The Sixers Really Doing, and What other Fan Bases Fail to Understand

I don’t mind the tanking BUT……. the blatant losing on purpose without showing any competitive spirit or desire to win games or develop players makes me sick to my stomach. might as well not...

LB's Sixer Prediction Contest


The 2013-2014 Philadelphia 76ers campaign begins tomorrow. Correctly predict the futile results and win a prize!

Keeping Kwame Makes Sense


A somewhat detailed cap breakdown on why the Sixers made a smart choice in cutting Royce White and keeping Kwame Brown.


Who would be a fit for Head Coach?

It's been awhile since this team has had a head coach. I liked Doug as a coach. He's a smart man. But his logic was off. He wasn't patient, and he never really gave his young players a chance. When...

Sixers vs. Cavs Preview: River's On Fire


Come and watch some of the NBA's most exciting young guards, as well as some of the NBA's most idiotic hairdos.

JT's Hoops Blog's 2012/2013 NBA Worst to First Previews and Predictions: 8. Philadelphia 76ers


Unfortunately, the arrival of Andrew Bynum can be considered as both a blessing and curse for 76ers coach Doug Collins, who has pretty much coasted under the radar with his team who were low on talent, but high in effort. Now much more pressure will be on him to not only coach this overachieving team to the post season, which he has done masterfully the last two years, but to coach a team that will be under the microscope as well. Collins will not only have something to prove to fans in Philly, the media and the league, but he will have the challenge of assuring the happiness and compliance of his new prized acquisition. Once the season ends, Bynum will be an unrestricted free agent and it will be up Collins and the front office to convince him to remain the face of the franchise for years to come. Last season Collins had the luxury of not having to deal with a pre-Madonna star player with a huge ego making it easier to keep his players on the same page. Although there were grumblings amongst some players about their inconsistencies concerning playing time, he basically kept that team in line. Now he will have to deal a high profile NBA All Star with impeccable credentials, and who is on the last year of his current contract making it very difficult for Collins to assert dominance over. He will have his front office watching him very closely and breathing down his neck; the slightest misstep can mean him leaving the coaching seat in Philly and returning to the broadcast booth. So in effect, the arrival of Andrew Bynum can have great potential for success for Philly or become a disaster of epic proportions as things may go quite bad in a hurry.


Thoughts on the Sixers' defense

A fan post on the Philadelphia 76ers' defense in the 2012-2013 season. The team is much improved, but will the offense be able to carry the load for a defense that is missing two key parts?

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