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The Thunder should be looking for playmakers

After Westbrook went down in last season's playoffs, should the Thunder grab a veteran playmaker to insure themselves from a relapse?


A way to use our 5 year designated Max wisely

My main problem with offering Wall the designated 5 year max now (25% of a team's cap space), is that we pay star money for a player who, at the moment, isn't a star. He has everything to become...

Here's the Atlanta Hawks Roster/Cap Status

Is Danny Ferry done? Are their roster spots left for Ivan Johnson? Why is DeMarre Carroll the canary in the coal mine? Find out all the answers.

Nets Announce Blatche, Livingston Signings

The Brooklyn Nets have announced that they've re-signed Andray Blatche and signed free agent point guard Shaun Livingston.

Jeff Teague and Atlanta's tough choices

Jeff Teague has signed an offer sheet with the Milwaukee Bucks and the answers of what to do aren't easy, but Peachtree Hoops breaks the down.

Andrew Bynum has three suitors, wants one to pay

Andrew Bynum visited Dallas on Wednesday, and he has decided to let somebody raise their offer. Read the quote and the analysis and decide if you want your team to be the one who does.

Mo Williams, Jeff Teague and all the explanations

The PG position has created interesting drama around the Hawks, here's the latest with our explanations.

Can the Hawks fit Bynum and Ellis under the cap?

Today's the day it can all become official -- The Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver and DeMarre Carroll deals will all go in, along with the cap machinations that need to happen to enable them. But can the Hawks still fit Andrew Bynum and Monta Ellis and how

Three Free-Agency Fits for the Toronto Raptors

Capped out with only a few options this off-season, Adam Francis takes a look at three under-the-radar free agents who might make sense for the Toronto Raptors, and who could be had without breaking the bank.


Swivel-Chair GM: A Hypothetical Trade Scenario to Save Your Moose, Detroit Pistons Fans

There is a way out. With all the grim, whispery conviction of a conspiracy theorist in a tin foil hat, I bring you this wildly unlikely put possible trade scenario, based on nothing more than the...

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