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Good Move: Not Trading Andre Iguodala


An explanation why hanging onto Andre Iguodala was a good move for the Sixers.

The Sixers Do Nothing at the Trade Deadline


A less optimistic view of the Sixers standing pat at the trade deadline.

Sixers' Trade Deadline Wrap-Up: No Deals, Speights Dangled, "deep" Talks for Shane Battier, Kapono Buyout


The trade deadline came and went without any significant news. Read for a deal that almost happened, and analysis.

Uh-Oh Atlantic: Nets Trade for Deron Williams


Deron Williams goes to the Nets, making the Atlantic Division that much tougher.

2011 NBA Trade Deadline: Sixers' Rumor Thread


The NBA trade deadline is today. Here is your stop for all Sixers madness.

Carmelo Anthony to Knicks "done deal"


Sounds like the significant players involved are Felton, Gallo, and Chandler (to Denver), and Melo and Billups (to New York). Since the Knicks are the Sixers main competition for the sixth seed, does this make it more or less likely that the Sixers catch the Knicks (2 games back), in your opinion? I think it makes the Knicks a better team, especially because I think Billups has some left in his tank, and Melo will undoubtably be rejuvenated. Should make the Atlantic Division fun. P.S. THANK GOD IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trade Deadline Countdown Day 4: Brendan Haywood


In our series of proposed trades we'd like the Sixers consider before Thursday's deadline, this edition nets Mavs center Brendan Haywood.

Trade Deadline Countdown Day 2: Thaddeus Young to the Mavs


A proposed trade sending Thaddeus Young to the Dallas Mavericks.

RUMOR: Portland interested in Marreese Speights


The Portland Trailblazers are reportedly interested in making a trade for Sixers forward/center Marreese Speights, having made an initial offer of Dante Cunningham and a second round pick, which...

Trade Deadline Countdown Day 1: Marcin Gortat


The Liberty Ballers crew has all your trade deadline coverage and speculation. First one: Thad and Songaila for Gortat.

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