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Player Preview: Louis Williams


A review of Lou Williams career year and a look ahead to next season. Plus, how much potential does Lou Williams have?

Preview of Player Preview Series


A preview of the upcoming player preview series on Liberty Ballers.

Not a Podcast #3: Toronto Raptors Preview


A panel of 9 NBA Bloggers preview the Toronto Raptors in their quest to preview all 30 teams.

Into the Future: T'Wolves or Sixers?


10 days ago we kicked off the 'Into the Future' series by comparing the future of the Sixers to the Carmelo Anthony-led Denver Nuggets. In somewhat of a surprise the Sixers finished with 63 percent ...

Aldridge: Sixers had 16th best off-season

"With a couple of huge, untradeable contracts on the roster, the Sixers knew they had to coach up what they had to see improvement next season. They reached into our TNT booth for Collins, one of the great teachers in the business, who will have the team ready to play and well-versed on what the opposition is going to try to do. Collins' track record is pretty clear -- he's a turnaround artist who dramatically improves his teams within a year."

Rumor Central: Clippers interested in Iguodala

The Clippers worked out Tracy McGrady due to a need for a veteran small forward. TNT analyst David Aldridge reports they are also looking at Andre Iguodala. Aldridge writes: "Los Angeles has a need at small forward, with rookie Al-Faroqu Aminu not ready to handle major minutes. A league source said Wednesday that the Clippers have asked about Philadelphia forward Andre Iguodala, though there was no indication that Los Angeles has made or will make an offer for Iguodala."

Sixers sign Tony Battie


Best. signing. ever.

Into the Future: Nuggets or Sixers?


A high-level look into the Nuggets future and how it compares to the Sixers future taking into account the front office, roster and salaries. Who's future would you rather have if you were a Sixers...

The Summer of '13: Sixers' time to shine


Should the Sixers already be planning for the big Summer of 2013? How so?

Sixers Off-Season '10: Crowded Depth Chart; More trades?


A pre-mature look at the Sixers crowded depth chart for 2010-2011 and suggestions on how to clear things up.

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