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Sixers select Favors in ESPN's re-draft


This looks like as much of a no-brainer as the No. 1 selection. "With the Nets, Favors has shown tremendous promise as a rebounder and scorer in the paint and would have gotten plenty of minutes in Philly's rotation. Which looks like a better foundation to build on: Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner as a backcourt duo or Holiday and Favors as a pick-and-roll combo? Holiday and Favors are two of the youngest players in the league, and both possess a demeanor that suggests they are very serious pros." -- David Thorpe

Chad Ford Mock Draft 3.0: Favors over Turner?

Analysis: "I've heard various sources make pretty forceful arguments that three different players are second on the 76ers' board: Evan Turner, DeMarcus Cousins and Derrick Favors. At times, I've been persuaded by all three. But now it looks like the Sixers are leaning toward Favors, according to what I was told on Monday by a credible source familiar with coach Doug Collins' thinking. Turner isn't a great fit next to Andre Iguodala. And while Cousins is a perfect fit in the middle, the team has some concerns about his on-court attitude. That leaves Favors, who has as much upside as any player in the draft. His measurements out of Chicago are virtually identical to Dwight Howard's -- which means he should be just fine playing center. All of this can change once players undergo individual workouts and interviews, but from what I can gather, Favors has the lead if the Sixers decide to keep the pick." -- Chad Ford

Evan Turner Draft Profile


Here's link to the profile I did on "The Villain" a few weeks back.

Chad Ford Mock Draft 2.0: "The Villain" Edition

Analysis: Turner wouldn't be a perfect fit in Philadelphia. He would duplicate, to a degree, what Andre Iguodala and starting point guard-to-be Jrue Holiday bring to the table. But I think the Sixers will take Turner anyway. He was the best player in college basketball, can play three positions on the floor and is ready to contribute right now. The 76ers will figure out how to get all three players on the floor or finally pull the trigger on an Andre Iguodala trade. --Ford

Chad Ford predicts who the Sixers would take

Pick 1: John Wall (5.3 percent) Pick 2: Evan Turner (6.0 percent) Pick 3: Derrick Favors (7.0 percent) Looks good to me! No passing on Wall because of Jrue, and no DeMarcus Cousins.

NBA Pre-Draft Workouts List


Our boys at RU have the scoop. Why do you think the Sixers are one of the few teams who haven't worked any players out yet? No coach? Waiting till after the lottery? Flyers fever? Terrible organization?

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