Philadelphia 76ers Stat Stuff

Why do Win Shares Hate the Sixers?


The Sixers haven't had a franchise player since Iverson left. Even before Iverson left, they didn't have one anymore. Statistically, that shows. They need help.

How Has Rest Affected the Sixers?


The Sixers have struggled mightily in the second match of back to back games. What's the reason for this?

2012 NBA Playoffs: The Chicago Bulls Defense Is Legit


The Chicago Bulls defense is just as good without Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah.

2012 NBA Playoffs: Jrue Holiday's Transformation


Jrue Holiday is a completely different player in the Playoffs – a look at some numbers.

Revisiting the Sixers Foul Shooting Woes


The Sixers get to the foul line less than any other team in NBA history..

A Reminder That Andre Iguodala Is Great At Defense


Andre Iguodala is arguably the best perimeter defender in the NBA and warrants defensive player of the year consideration.

Who's Your Closer? BOSS Edition with Advanced Stats


Louis Williams easily takes the most shots in the 4th quarter, but is he the most effective?

The Sixers Are Bad Foul Shooters, But It Doesn't Matter Much


The Sixers are one of the worst foul shooting teams in the league, but they need to get to the line more is more important.

Sixers Foul Shooting is a Historically Big Issue


If the Sixers don't start getting to the line more, they are doomed to slip up.

Philadelphia 76ers: Five Statistical Nuggets


Five interesting statistical nuggets about the 2011-12 Philadelphia 76ers.


Nuggets Vs. Sixers: Advanced Box Score


A look at the advanced box score from the Sixers loss to the Denver Nuggets.

Marreese Speights Scored Points, You Shouldn't Be Surprised


Marreese Speights is a bad basketball player. Scoring points will not change that.

Evan Turner's New Jump Shot Through 10 Games


A look at whether Evan Turner's re-worked jumper is paying dividends for the Philadelphia 76ers early this season.

On Spencer Hawes Importance


A look at Spencer Hawes importance to the Philadelphia 76ers.

A Case Against Evan Turner in the Starting Lineup


Despite being the better player and better prospect, Evan Turner should remain on the bench, while Jodie Meeks remains in the starting lineup.

Pistons Vs. Sixers: Advanced Box Score


A brief analysis of the advanced box score from the Sixers blowout victory over the Detroit Pistons.

Sixers Vs. Hornets: Advanced Box Score


A look at the advanced box score from the Sixers comeback victory over the New Orleans Hornets – specifically shot attempts at the rim.

Sixers Vs. Warriors: Advanced Box Score


A look at the advanced statistics from the Sixers blowout victory over the Warriors on New Year's Eve.

Sixers Vs. Jazz: Advanced Box Score


A look at the advanced statistics from the Sixers loss to the Utah Jazz.

Sixers Vs. Suns: Advanced Box Score


A look at some advanced stats from the Sixers win over the Phoenix Suns.

Sixers Vs. Blazers: Advanced Box Score


A look at some advanced numbers from last night's Sixers-Blazers game.

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference


If you're a numbers junkie looking to listen to some of the pioneers in the field give lectures, Sloan is for you.  If you're like me and have other obligations, the live stream is your best...

The Sixers Exist, and Other Indisputable Facts


Twenty cold, hard facts about the 2011 Philadelphia 76ers. Most of them are sad.


76ers @ Bulls Dec. 21st game thread

Philadelphia 76ers (11-16) vs. Chicago Bulls (16-10) TV: Comcast SportsNet Tip Time: 8:00 PM EDT Location: United Center Mortal Enemies of the Night: Blog A Bull 76ers vs Bulls coverage ...

Statistical look at Sixers starting lineups


Since inserting Jodie Meeks into the starting lineup, the Sixers have taken off. Here is a statistical look at the effectiveness of the 6 starting lineups Doug Collins has used

In Las Vegas, Sixers Rank 2nd best in NBA


The Sixers are the second best team in the NBA against the spread. So what does it mean?

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