Spencer Hawes interviewed on the Men in Blazers podcast

Men in Blazers is a popular soccer podcast on the Grantland Network. This week they interviewed Hawes about him being a (surprise!) Man United and Seattle Sounder fan. Interview starts at the 1:04:00 mark.

Chad Iske, New Assistant coach's ritual scream

Hired per Woj: Philadelphia has hired Chad Iske as an assistant coach, source tells Y! Iske built great rep for player development under George Karl.

MCW for Rookie of the Year

Why do I think MCW will be the standout Rookie? Check out this link to find out.

August 15th SixersBeat - Brett Brown edition

In this episode of SixersBeat, Derek Bodner and Rich Hofmann discuss the hiring of Brett Brown, the release of Justin Holiday, and Nerlens Noels potential.

Sixers Beat podcast - July 26th 2013

Sixers Beat has returned! Featuring Derek Bodner and Rich Hofmann, we discuss the 76ers draft day moves, the coaching search, whether or not the secrecy from the front office matters, and a look forward towards the 2014 NBA draft.

Drafting ET, Why? - A Curious Fan

So I was looking at this and in hindsight drafting Evan Turner wasn't the best choice, but obviously that's with the aid of hindsight. Since I haven't been following that long, could you guys possibly tell me the pre-draft thoughts about certain players (Evan, Boogie, PG, etc.) and how our pick of ET was greeted by fans?

Offensive Staples: Sixers Baseline Set

I am trying out a new series this offseason, that looks at a offensive set for each team and a variation they ran off that set. Obviously this will change this year considering the personnel and coaching change, but I still think its worthy of your time.

Ettore Messina as Sixers Head Coach, why not?

Ettore Messina is one of the best international basketball coaches. He's got a huge experience, having gained it in Italy, both at club and national level, Spain and Russia. He also spent time in the nba as a consultant for the Lakers. He knows the game, he's a teacher and above all he's got an undisputed winning mentality. It will be his first head coach experience in the league and nobody will expect him to win now, but his contribution could last for years. So, why not Messina for the Sixers?

OKC likes Dorell

If Woj says it, its true.

Nuggets Fire Karl

So, the Nuggets decided to fire the Coach of the Year rather than give him a new contract. Okay. With that said, I hear the Sixers are looking for a coach... (dodges projectiles) In all seriousness, my first instinct is that the Sixers won't go after Karl, and Karl may not even be interested in coming to Philadelphia. I'm not the most knowledgeable about the NBA, admittedly, but based on what I do know about Karl, he doesn't seem like the ideal coach for a young or rebuilding team. With that said, the man has obviously had quite a bit of success in the league, and deserves a bit of a mention. I'd take him over Larry Brown in a heartbeat, anyway. So, George Karl for the Sixers? Does that warrant a "No," a "Maybe," or a "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" from you? I'm curious.

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