Tanner Steidel

Associate Editor

Setting up shop in Bethlehem, PA with my vast collection of lawn chairs. The Sixers are the only pro franchise I have a genuine interest in. I'm pretty sure if Paul George and Willie Warren ever teamed up, they'd win multiple championships in every sport and beauty pageant. Need sneaker advice? Come see me.


Nets @ Sixers Thread: Where Brooklyn At?!

The Sixers return home and look to collect a win against the Brooklyn Nets. Join us in the game thread.

Sixers Celebrate Festivus, Disappoint Against Nets


The 76er were aware that today was Festivus so they gave fans a game they could air their grievances towards.

Sixers 92, Nets 95 Reaction Thread


In the annual, locally televised NBA Afternoon Festivus Game of the Year, the Sixers struggled to make that one run to collect a lead allowing the Nets to come away with victory.


Sixers @ Nets Game Thread

The Sixers weren't interesting enough to land a Christmas game but they did get the JV position of an afternoon Festivus extravaganza in Brooklyn.

Power Rankings: Sixers and Mediocracy


After a mediocratic 2-2 week, let's find out where national experts rank our Philadelphia 76ers.

The Liberty Ballers Thanksgiving, With Noceturkey!


In the spirit of the holiday, the writers at Liberty Ballers share what they're thankful for when it comes to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Swag Report: Nick Young's Sneaker Season So Far


We're 11 games into the 2012-2013 NBA season, which means it's a perfect time to break down what shoes Swaggy P brought to the court so far.

NBA Power Rankings: Sixers All Over The Place


Where do the Sixers rank amongst the rest of the NBA after an action packed week of bowling, loud shoes, and Uncle Jrue?

Sixers Suffer Beatdown Courtesy Of Knicks, 110-88


The Sixers didn't pack their offense or defense in an embarrassing beatdown at the hands of the New York Knicks.

Sixers Drop Another To Knicks: Post Game Thread


The Sixers got swept in the early season home-and-home by the Knicks. Losing two straight to a division rival is never a good thing. Come share your post-game thoughts.

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