Tanner Steidel

Associate Editor

Setting up shop in Bethlehem, PA with my vast collection of lawn chairs. The Sixers are the only pro franchise I have a genuine interest in. I'm pretty sure if Paul George and Willie Warren ever teamed up, they'd win multiple championships in every sport and beauty pageant. Need sneaker advice? Come see me.


Sixers 97, Cavs 87: Charlie's Thoughts

The Sixers played the Cavs tonight. The majority of you didn't watch but fortunately for you, Charlie from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" tuned in. His thoughts...


Sixers @ Cavs GameThread, Speezy Vision

In a highly anticipated match-up against former 76er legend Marreese Speights and the Cleveland Caveliers.... oh screw it please just lose, Sixers.

Tanner's Diary: A Tale of Sixers vs. Bucks

From time to time, I like to share my innermost thoughts with my favorite readers. Since they're unavailable, I'll share with you guys my experience of the Bucks 94-92 win over the Sixers.


Sixers @ Bucks Game Thread, Okra

Nothing like a mid-February outing of two teams wanting nothing to do with the coveted 8th seed in the Eastern Conference.

Jrue to Debut "All-Star" Adidas Crazy Fast

Sixers point guard Jrue Holiday will debut the new "All-Star" edition of the Adidas Crazy Fasts during his first ever All-Star appearance later this month.

Booger Nights: Sixers Picked Apart By Nets

In their first home game since December, the Sixers got outworked by the streaking Nets. Even more humiliating for the Sixers, Mark Wahlberg was there to witness it.

Sixers Get Worked By Nets Reaction Thread

Although they hung around in the first half, the Sixers decided it'd be much more fun in the second half if they got shalacked by the Nets.


Nets @ Sixers Thread: Where Brooklyn At?!

The Sixers return home and look to collect a win against the Brooklyn Nets. Join us in the game thread.

Sixers Celebrate Festivus, Disappoint Against Nets

The 76er were aware that today was Festivus so they gave fans a game they could air their grievances towards.

Sixers 92, Nets 95 Reaction Thread

In the annual, locally televised NBA Afternoon Festivus Game of the Year, the Sixers struggled to make that one run to collect a lead allowing the Nets to come away with victory.

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