Derek Bodner

Associate Editor

Featured columnist, SBNation.com & LibertyBallers.com, SBNation Philly editor, college basketball scout for DraftExpress.com.


Michael Carter-Williams wins 4th Rookie of Month

Michael Carter-Williams was named the NBA's Rookie of the Month for the Eastern Conference, the 4th time he has won the award this year, and the second consecutive month.

Wiggins: Why, What, What Will Be?

Lots of great stuff here on scouting through both a traditional and analytic lens, specifically tailored to the draft prospects of Andrew Wiggins.

Tanking: Problem or Symptom?

The tanking problem, and the lottery wheel proposal, continues to be hot topics at the 2014 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Is it too drastic of a counter-measure? Is tanking really that big of a problem?

Byron Mullens. Go Tank.

The 76ers acquired 25 year old Byron Mullens at the trade deadline, a 7' center with three point range and one year remaining on his contract. Should 76ers fans care?

Is Eric Maynor an asset?

Among the Philadelphia 76ers trade deadline acquisitions, former VCU point guard Eric Maynor is the most likely to make a positive contribution on the court this season. But is he a piece to keep around?

Evan Turner: Bad at Defense

Evan Turner has been bad on the defensive end so far this season. How bad? Bad.

Spencer Hawes: Ball Friendly

Spener Hawes is playing tremendous basketball so far this season, and it's opening up plenty of scoring opportunities for his teammates.

The Process Behind the D-League Draft

With the selection of Norvel Pelle and Athanasios Antetokounmpo in last weeks D-League draft, Sam Hinkie and the 76ers will be able to get more data on two prospects who still have NBA draft eligibility.

Report: John Kuester could be added to 76ers staff

According to a report by Adrian Wojnarowski, former Pistons coach John Kuester is the leading candidate to become Brett Brown's stop assistant.

Interview: 87ers GM Brandon Williams

LibertyBallers sat down with Delaware 87ers general manager Brandon Williams to discuss how the organization intends to use the D-League team.

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