Getting Ready for the Sixers' Block Party!!!

We don't have games. We have Block Parties!

We were told Noel was a defensive savant, and he is living up to the billing. Defensively, he looks like a young KG out there. Not Kevin Garnett, but KG!!! Offensively, less so. But still more impressive than what we were told, what with the nice free throw shooting and everything.

We could kind of guess at the type of player Hinkie likes after having seven selections in the draft, and they almost all turned out to be long and lean.

Now, during Summer League, we get to see what type of undrafted free agents Hinkie would sign. Would he get a bunch of scoring guards, behemoth rebounders? Lord knows MCW needs shooters!

But Hinkie is sticking to a plan, which seems to be this: If the most efficient scoring plays are shots at the rim and three pointers, then get.... No, not guys who get to the rim and shoot threes. Or not initially. First, get guys who can stop shots at the rim and, also, get to and contest or block three point shots.

Noel and McDaniels showed in the first games, they like to punch a little leather here and there. Roberts from St. Joe also showed himself as perhaps an undersized big man, like Chuck Hayes. Jeremi Grant was expected to swat a few.

And this kid Jakar Sampson is young, long, lean, and defensively...kinda mean! He missed a bunch of free throws, and looked kind of out of control in the first quarter. But at 6'9 and listed as a shooting guard, his offense was certainly ambitious. He attacked the rim, and displayed the kind of ballhandling I'm hoping for from KJMcD.

Plus, he was credited with three steals and two blocks. Because he wears #41, you might have mistaken some of his good plays for Noel who rocks the #4. I had to look twice myself a couple times. But this kid is going to be a player if he works hard at his game.

Oh, and he's from Akron, Ohio, and went to St. Vincent-St. Mary. I wonder who he patterned his game after?

Enough gushing about the maybes. The guys we know we are waiting on also block shots. Joel Embiid, the former volleyball player, has an insane vertical leap. What makes it crazy is not just the height, but you can also see the volleyball experience of rising straight up at the net--the principle of verticality, as we say.

And 6'10 Dario Saric blocked five (5) shots in the Adriatic League championship game.

On Pattison Ave., the Sixers gonna be throwin' Block Parties!!!!

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