Ante Up! Hink-nap them fools...

I was totally nonplussed about hearing of a possible deal with Houston to get Jeremy Lin. Was even less excited about Shumpert and Stoudamire. It was reported as if the Sixers were ready to pull the trigger on one of these deals if either of them signed a big named free agent. Thought about it. Didn't like it at first. But here's my take on what's going on. And I like it. I think Hinkie is really after Tim Hardaway Jr with Amare Stoudamire, or, Terrence and Donatas Motiejunas with Jeremy Lin.

Of course the Knicks want to give us Amare and Shumpert, and of course the Rockets want to give us Lin and some garbage. They'd pull these deals right now to clear cap space regardless whether they got Lebron or whichever free agent their after this week. That's their offer. And, fortunately, Hinkie said no. That's why it's a rumor. Otherwise, they'd be reporting a trade. But of course to seem relevant, the talking heads report it as if its still on the table.

If anything is on still on the table its Hinkie's counter offer...which I hope is Tim Hardaway Jr. and a pick if you want us to take on Stoudamire's deal...or Donatas Motiejunas and Terence Jones if you want us to take Jeremy Lin. And, again, as a matter of professional course, Hinkie asks for the sky because he knows he can play the Rockets, Lakers and the Knicks off of each other, because they all know the Sixers are one of few teams able to accommodate them. If any one of them makes a deal with the Sixers, the price goes up for the other two because they will be left a smaller market of cap accommodating teams willing to take on bad contracts.

Previously on this network, we discussed how a good GM should be searching for teams with salary cap issues who, therefore, have to deal young burgeoning players who haven't quite hit the limelight yet. James Harden and the OKC Thunder is the sublime example. The idea is not to clone James Harden, the idea is to get promising players at below market rates. This situation qualifies. Tim Hardaway Jr., D-Mo and T. Jones fit the description. Comparing either of them to James Harden is beyond the point. The standard is whether they would likely be a studly, sturdy building block upon which a rising should build its future.

There is also the opportunity costs of not using our cap space this way and, instead, overpaying a middling free agent for big money. Considering the market for their services, is Lance Stephenson or Kent Bazemore enough of a lock to commit our cap space on the four or five year deal they're expecting? The need for a two guard is evident. I'm gonna say that Tim Hardaway showed enough that with a starting gig on the scoring-needy Sixers, he would put up similar numbers to Lance Stephenson, and perhaps even better. At lower cost and long-term risk, to boot. I think T. Jones or D-Mo, with their length, speed, athleticism and shooting ability, could combine very effectively with Thaddeus Young and Nerlens Noel.

If they become studs we will have the cap space to sign them as their rookie deals expire, because Lin or Stoudamire will come off the books. If they don't fulfill their promise, they also come off the books quickly. Amare/Hardaway Jr or Lin/Jones/D-Mo, along with KJ McDaniels and Noel, provides the fans with a slightly better, 30-35 win team. Our 2015 1st round pick is likely preserved, since we'd still be unlikely to make the playoffs. Not to mention, Amare and Lin especially brings in the casual fan and some national media attention.

Bert & Ernie - gangsta rap - ante up (via tom40851)

And if you think about it, would it really be a bad thing if they became a playoff team because any one of McDaniels, Noel, or Hardaway/TJones/D-Mo turns out to be a monster and the rest became very good players? Yes, we'd lose the 2015 pick, and that's not good. But if that young team somehow made the playoffs, that'd be a great season, we'd have contracts coming off the books and Joel Embiid coming in next year...and Saric after that...along with the other picks Hinkie's secured already and the ones he can nab in one of these deals. Let's just say that'd be the best failed rebuilding plan I've ever heard of.

Now, the leverage against the Knicks is not particularly strong since Carmelo may re-sign anyway. But Melo's waffling between LA, Chicago and New York, might enough to force Phil Jackson to capitulate to Hinkie's demands, Hardaway Jr. or whatever they might be. It's also possible that with the Rockets making that offer for Chris Bosh, they may be forced to deal with the Sixers on Hinkie's terms, especially since with Bosh, both T.Jones or D-Mo, players how are on the rise, good possibilities to be above average starters, are buried.

The Knicks don't want to give up Hardaway Jr. The Rockets don't want to give up Motiejunas or Terrence Jones. Hopefully, they have to.

"Come up off them goddamn diamonds!"

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