Exploring The Sixer's Future

Hello LB readers, I have been reading for a long long time and decided to make an account. Currently, the Sixers seem to be going in an entirely new direction than any other Philadelphia sports franchise has ever gone. We are tanking if you didn't realize the putrid basketball performance they threw up last year. It was so bad it prompted people around the league to question whether the league should have done something about it. It was so bad it led to many media outlets berating the team in many ways including part of Jimmy Fallon Show where the Sixers were subject to a wide array ofjokes. To be honest...we deserved it. I have never seen basketball played that badly and have never seen a front office who didn't care to even put a team together last year. Was it worth it?


As of now we are the second youngest NBA team with an average of 24.1 years, and we are the least experienced NBA team with 2.1 years in the league (looked it up, not sure how reliable this is). Even though we lost a ton of games last year we have talent. One position that I am stunned at is the center position. This includes guys like Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, and Henry Sims. I do not think anything should be done with that group. When healthy that group is very, very scary. Nerlens Noel is a block machine and Joel Embiid has drawn comparisons to Olajuwon. Putting to lottery picks on the same team is outrageous. Putting to possible #1 overall picks barring injury on the same team is ridiculous. Add in that they are both big men and are 20 years of age and it gets scary. Those two however could also be the Greg Oden sequel with a flat top but one thing I know for sure is that those two should be the centerpieces of the rebuild progress. Add in an interesting rebounding prospect in Henry Sims and our front court looks like one of the future. Now this all comes with development because as far as we know they could both be busts. The PF position is a bit empty with two players overseas in Saric and Kazemi, but I will get to that later. Thaddeus Young seems to be in an awkward position. He doesn't have a place on this team any more with Noel expected to play the PF position when Joel returns. He is going to be traded by the deadline whether we like it or not. This leaves Brandon Davies, Jarvis Varnado, and Arnette Moultrie to hold down the fort. Frankly they are all horrible and only Davies has flashed potential. I think Moultrie's time as a Sixer is over and Varnado needs a new home.

This is where and Jeremi Grant and Ronald Roberts Jr. come in. Jeremi Grant is very raw but his athleticism is jaw dropping. Ronald Roberts Jr. is polished and seems to be getting things rolling in Orlando. The only problem is that they are both undersized and need development. The Sixers have the time to develop these kinds of players. Now you may be asking yourself what about Dario Saric and the Iranian Lebron, Arsalan Kazemi. Well Dario will not be here for this year and Arsalan Kazemi will be tied up for a bit. At the SF and SG position KJ McDaniels and Jason Richardson lead the group. Hollis Thompson and Tony Wroten are not too far behind. Elliot Williams and Jordan McRae seem to be on the outside looking in at this point however both will get their shot. During draft night shortly after the draft I began to cringe at the fact that we have Jason Richardson. But then I thought, in order to instill a winning attitude a veteran leader must be present. All great teams had a glue guy and even up and coming teams had a veteran role model. The Heat have Haslem, the Pacers had Granger and I think the Sixers will actually benefit from having him around. I think Elliot Williams has a battle ahead of him to keep a roster spot and hold off McRae. At the PG position MCW seems to be the only lock. I basically think Casper Ware and Aaron Craft may have played their way on to a thin PG spot on the team. I personally don't think neither deserve as of yet but that is where free agency and trades become involved.

Jeremy Lin and Iman Shumpert have both been linked to the Sixers as teams are trying to get rid of dead weight to add a max contract. Lin would add some scoring and Iman has some potential but I think the Sixers should have their eyes set on a player like Austin Rivers. He has shown flashes of being what everyone thought he would and with the Pelicans having a very large backcourt someone has to go. Austin Rivers would be a cheap low risk, high reward player that the Sixers could add. In Free Agency, Kent Bazemore interests me but his prices seem too steep. Evan Turner is available......All jokes aside I think Jimmer Freddette is also an option even though him and Bazemore would have a similar contract. Jameer Nelson however is one player that would be interesting to watch help in the development of MCW and he would come cheap.

By the beginning of the season I think the roster will look like this:

1. Michael Carter-Williams G

2. Jason Richardson G/F

3. Hollis Thompson F

4. Thaddeus Young PF

5. Nerlens Noel C

6. KJ McDaniels G/F

7. Jameer Nelson G

8. Tony Wroten G

9. Henry Simms C

10. Brandon Davies PF

11. Austin Rivers G

12. Elliot Williams G/F

13. Ronald Roberts Jr. F

14. Jerami Grant F

15. Joel Embiid C

The opening day roster could actually end up like this without the trades and FAs. The Starting lineup is set at the 1,4, and 5. Jason Richardson, Tony Wroten, and Hollis Thompson are the most likely candidates however by the end of the season, KJ McDaniels WILL be a starter.

As for the season itself, I project between 25 and 35 wins. This relies on MCW's growth as a player and how Nerlens Noel progressed. The emergence go Hollis Thompson and KJ McDaniels will also play a role.One thing that will definitely alter our wins is whether Embiid returns to the court. If he returns I think we will have a glimpse of the Noel and Joel package we could see. I actually think this rebuild could go by soon rather than later. We will definitely deal Thaddeus Young for some picks to a contender. The end of the season starting lineup could be (if Joel returns):


KJ McDaniels

Hollis Thompson

Nerlens Noel

Joel Embiid

That actually looks really nice when you think of the defensive prowess that comes with that lineup. This team really just needs a cold blooded scorer. That is where I think the 2015 Draft comes into play. One guy that jumps off the page is Stanley Johnson. He reminds me so much of LeBron James it's not even funny. Just the way he is so muscled already and how he goes to the basket is reminiscent to James. He is the scorer this team would need and he would be a late lottery pick. Aaron Harrison is a good 2nd round pick to go along with him. In Free Agency I think the Sixers target mid-level players with high upside in an attempt to win games. The future looks bright.

Sorry for any spelling errors, I have mild dyslexia.

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