Crowning the Future Shooter

As the Sixers continue to build a team for the future, you wonder what additional pieces are going to be added to the mix. It is clear that this team is no where near ready to contend, let alone make the playoffs. This is Hinkie's plan, and he is sticking to it. Two years in a row he has taken the top talent with injury concerns in the draft. Over a year later, we just got our first look of Nerlens Noel. The assumption is that we will wait another calender year for Joel Embiid. So, I ask, what other player can we steal from the "win now" mentality teams by exercising our patience?

A recent short documentary done by Grantland showed the Sacramento Kings turn down a Sixers offer for the 8th overall pick. They used that pick to take Nik Stauskas, who seemed to be their golden goose from the beginning. The offer of our 10th overall pick and two non-clarified 2nd rounders was not enough to sway them from the Stauskas pick. You would assume that the Kings had a wide open shooting guard vacancy that they needed to fill. That Stauskas could provide something that no other player on their roster currently could provide.

Except that only one season prior, they took a highly rated shooting guard. A kid who has been compared, at times, to future hall of famer Ray Allen. A kid who just turned 21 years old in February. A kid who was a possibility to the be the top overall pick last season. This player is of course former Jayhawk, Ben McLemore.

Does the drafting of Stauskas put a rapid end to the McLemore project in Sacramento? No, not necessarily. The Kings have said that they love Ben and have intentions to play both shooting guards on the floor at the same time.

But of course the rumors have been starting to smolder around Mr. McLemore. He was headed to Boston on draft night. He is heading to Detroit as part of the deal for Josh Smith (LOL). His name has been attached to multiple deals that would send him packing from the Cali capital. And although I don't know how or when, I would love for Hinkie to steal him from the Kings.

McLemore struggled in his rookie season. But he reportedly picked things up as the season went on. Additionally he is apparently a very hard worker who is constantly trying to improve. Reports say that Ben has fits with that famed "killer instinct". Many see him as a complacent player who can't be the superstar that his skill set should allow him to be.

On the other side of the coin, he has only played 2 seasons under the tutelage of high level coaches and staff. He left after his first season at Kansas. Like a good portion of one and done college players, he may require some additional seasoning. Not every prospect can be Kevin Durant.

So I ask you Liberty Ballers. What will it take to get him? Do we want him? Does he fit?

And most importantly, does the idea of an MCW, McLemore, Saric, Noel, Embiid starting five make you as giddy as it makes me?

For fun, check out his DraftExpress scouting report from last season.

Cite my sources:

Kings and Celtics discussing trade of Ben McLemore and 6th pick

Ben McLemore could be part of revamped trade talks for Josh Smith

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