Dleague stashing

Explained this elsewhere, and with summer league incoming, figure I would post it here as well to give a primer on the Dleague and Dleague stashing.

There are 3 types of things sometimes referred to as Dleague stashing.

1) Players on the 15 man roster can be assigned to the Dleague, and play there. This isn't stashing in any real sense -- the player is being paid an NBA salary, counts towards the NBA roster limit and NBA salary cap and just plays in the dleague. This happens a bunch, think Moultrie.

2) Up to 3 players cut in Preseason can be claimed by the NBA's team's Dleague team. This also isn't really stashing. It simply means if the player goes to the Dleague (they are free to instead sign with another team, go to Europe, or open a car wash etc), they would go to that team's Dleague team. Once there, they can sign still ditch the dleague and sign with any team in the league regardless of if they were a second round draft pick, or an undrafted free agent. So there is really no control, just a chance to get more info on a guy or guarantee a guy goes to your dleague team if he is joining the dleague anyway. This is new but has been used by teams (Jordan Henriquez with Houston for instance), but despite some initial reporting to the contrary, gives the team that cut the player no control at all going forward. This is probably what people mean by Dleague stashing, but again is not stashing in any real way at all.

{It is really the equivalent of the Sixers dleague team drafting Thanasis Giannis to see how he is, knowing it would mean nothing come draft rights, only with people that can be called up to anywhere at anytime.}

3) A guy drafted (in the second round) could not sign a contract with the team, and then play in the dleague. This would be a true Dleague stash and happened to Pierre Jackson, but he is pretty much the only one it has that I know of for very good reasons.

Before explaining this further, the reason why it doesn't happen is worth explaining:

The reason is NBA team's must offer a contract to 2nd rounders to keep their rights. The contract is called the required tender, is equal to the minimum salary of an undraftedplayer player and doesn't have to be guaranteed a single penny. Quoting the CBAfaq:

September 6 Second round draft picks become free agents if not given a required tender.

If a player isn't going to make an NBA team, they typically sign in Europe before then, thus never not getting the required tender (or perhaps more correct technically getting it and not being able to sign it) and staying under rights. These are the Euro stashes, and it makes sense -- a guy gets paid a decent salary and the NBA team gets the chance to exclusively sign them later.

In theory a player could refuse to sign in Europe or anywhere, demand his required tender, and either make the team that drafted him or be cut and a ufa -- Orlando had Romero Osby do this route last year. Whether it was a lack of Eurpean offers or a calculated risk, with under a week left he was still stateside and had no tender offer.

Orlando caved and gave him his tender to keep his rights, and after preseason camp decided to cut him from his entirely unguaranteed contract versus having him take a roster spot like they didn't want him to. Osby then played in the dleague as a free agent where any team in the league could sign him at any time, until he got injured and then cut.

This path was obviously way less lucrative then signing in Europe, and thus why even US players are increasingly willing to become Euro stashes. Still this route makes more sense then rejecting your minimum contract and going to the Dleague for peanuts anyway and only having one of 30 teams that can sign you to a contract and bring you to the NBA (a true Dleague stash under rights but with no contract).

Pierre Jackson was a quirky case. He agreed to play In Europe. Then backed out. But it was after the required tender window. As a result, he had no leverage to demand a new required tender and thus to make the roster or become a free agent the way Osby did.

While hoping to be signed to a contract -- or traded to a different team and signed to a contract -- Pierre Jackson played in the Dleague while an NBA team had his rights but he had no contract, becoming true Dleague stash. When it became apparent the Pelicans had no interest in starting his nba salary clock and bringing him up, there was even talk of the Union filing an appeal on his behalf, do to the particularly lack of any leverage he had managed to make for himself.

After the trade deadline, with still no sign of being signed by the Pelicans, Pierre went to Europe, becoming a Euro stash after a brief fling as a true Dleague stash.

As the narrative suggests, all of the second rounders from the Sixers are unlikely to repeat Pierre Jackson in becoming true Dleague stash, and instead will either make the roster, play abroad, or be cut and become free agents. Especially Pierre Jackson.

Entirely separately, there is Dinwiddie stash.

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