Draft grade for 2014 : C+

First round pick #3: Sixers pick. Joel Embiid. Evaluation: Good gamble but not the best pick. IF Embiid stays healthy and IF he reaches his ceiling this is a great pick. Two big ifs, for me to big of a gamble. The point is brought up several times this is a long term rebuild, great then we don't have to make this big of a gamble right now. Or if you do choose to make this gamble hedge your bet and offer our other first round pick along with either Young or MCW or both for Orlando's pick (maybe something extra if you trade both) and choose either Smart or Exum with that pick. If your are going to gamble it is smart to protect yourself and you plan to some extent. My pick. Marcus Smart. Evaluation: It is simple to me, he has a much higher floor right now than Embiid and his ceiling while not as high is still pretty high by many scouts and analytics. If Embiid did not have a injury concern you take him over Smart any day of the week because dominant big men are hard to find. But the injury concerns are real, and as such must be taken into account. With Smart you get a physical combo guard that gives you defensive flexibility, and a player with a good-great record as a scoring threat. Some have Smart compared to Harden, and Wade. While Embiid might have drawn Duncan comparisons it is not hard to see him as the next Oden.

First round pick #10: Sixers trade for the #12 pick Dario Saric and a future first and second round pick. Evaluation: great trade, but I disliked the pick of Dario Saric. I don't dislike Dario Saric I just thought he was not the BPA. I don't care about waiting for a international player for a few years but I don't think our return with Saric will be that great even after waiting. If this was the Sixers way of hedging the gamble they took with Embiid it makes more sense but then I have to wonder why not come back into the first for another player that is a good perimeter shooting threat . My pick: Same trade but at #12 I would have drafted Adreian Payne. Evaluation: A stretch 4 who is a decent rebounder, and well decent at a number of things. His biggest ability would be the ability to hit from three point range, giving the team some offensive flexibility. I feel his ceiling is about the same as Saric with a much higher floor.

Second round picks

Pick # 32: Sixers pick. K J McDaniels Evaluation: loved this pick. My pick: K J McDaniels

Pick # 39: Sixers pick. Jerami Grant Evaluation: kind of a redundant pick. A forward with questionable shooting skills. My pick: Glenn Robinson III. Evaluation: Very athletic role player type sometimes compared with Trevor Ariza.

Pick # 47: Sixers pick. Trade. Evaluation: A good trade. My pick. I like the trade and would not want to change it.

Pick # 52. Sixers pick. Vasilije Micic. Evaluation: good upside, great value at this point and a player that can come over soon. My pick. Vasilije Micic. Evaluation: I really liked the Sixers pick here. The perfect spot to get a guy to stash or one that might be able to contribute right away.

Pick # 54. Sixers pick. Nemanja Dangubic. Evaluation: not a bad pick just would have liked to seen a perimeter shooter or PG with some speed. My pick. Semaj Christon . Evaluation: PG with good speed and wingspan. Shot a decent 38% from three point range but at two attempts per game. Could be a good defensive PG that could help in a reserve/role player standpoint.

My over all grade is based on taking such a big gamble with Embiid and not protecting it by getting back into the top 4-7 range. This draft basically comes down to Embiid's Health. With such a big gamble taken with no protection from failing the team may have just extended our rebuild beyond a acceptable time frame for this GM to keep his job.

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