10 Things To Look Forward To This Sixer Season.

The Philadelphia 76ers season doesn't start till October 30th, but here are 10 things we can look forward to.

1. Nerlens Noel NBA Debut

The long awaited debut of Nerlens Noel, yes we know he's dominating the Summer League in Highlights, unfortunately his lack of rebounding and positioning is almost concerning me. Maybe its the jitters of playing again, or the lack of another big man aside him, but he's getting constantly beat on the boards, but makes up for it in athleticism, so his debut against NBA big men will be something to look forward to.

2. Pick and Roll Alley-Oops From MCW To Nerlens Noel

Former AAU Teammates and BFF's Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams (seen above) will take the court together for the first of many years as 76ers this year. The Pick and Roll will be their bread and butter, with MCW being taller than most point guards and Nerlens out running centers, I can only imagine a high pick with MCW swiftly coasting to the basket then lobbing it up to Nerlens as he sprints to the rim and slams a thunderous dunk that Echos throughout Wells Fargo Center.

3. Joel Embiid Interviews Being Played At Wells Fargo Center

if you're a regular at Wells Fargo Center, you know that for an hour before tip off, on the Jumbotron there's constantly short videos of interviews with players, coaches and celebrities about former players and other things. Last year before games, i learned that Nerlens celebrity crush is Kim Kardashian, and MCWs is Carley Ray Jespen. But, Joel Embiid's personality and his Mutombo like voice being played throughout a whole arena, will surely catch some chuckles when he talks about his crushes and his favorite bedtime story growing up.

4. Michael Carter-Williams Jump Shot

Will it improve? who knows. But straightening his elbow and not immediately pulling back after he shoots may work (idk i'm not an nba player development coach) but it COULD HELP...just saying...

5. Kj McDaniels Impact On Offense and Defense

Hearing and seeing that he has a game similar to Andre Iguodala is nice, but he's just a rookie. Being 6'6 and having a 6' 11 wingspan will obviously translate to a more defensive wing. With Brett Browns Spurs influenced offense will have KJ resemble a Bruce Bowen "3-D" type of player, but his 30% 3 point shooting in his final year at Clemson doesn't help his 3-D mold, but with proper development and training, who knows. So we will see how he performs in this offense.

6. Endless Photos Of Embiid and Brown Practicing Free Throws

Much like Nerlens last year, Embiid will problaby sit out the whole year (not that i want him to, but whatever) But whenever the cast comes off and he can at least walk, Brett Brown will have him practicing free throws constantly before games, and we will only have pics of Embiid shooting free throws and sitting on the sixers bench much like Nerlens this year, But because Embiid is waiting on a bone to heal, and not trying regain strength in ACL (Nerlens) we probably won't have many videos of him at PCOM dunking.

7. Sam Hinkie Going HAM During The Trade Deadline

This past NBA trade deadline saw the likes of Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen leave, and in return, we got Henry Sims, Eric Maynor, Byron Mullens, Earl Clark, Danny Granger, and 6 second round picks.
What will next years deadline trades be? Definitely something to look forward to.

8. The (Idk, Maybe, Well He "Can" Play, But No) Month Where Joel Embiid is 100% Healthy

Ah, the famous Nerlens Noel "4-4-14" tweet, how romantic, an NBA players finally healthy coming off an ACL tear, and debuting against his childhood team, the Boston Celtics.


But i mean after all, Sam Hinkie did say 5 to 8 months for recovery for Joel Embiid, and 8 months from now it will be March.... one month before this famous tweet, will embiid sit out 2 healthy months? Wait and see!

9. Hollis Thompsons Development

Being comfortable in Brett Browns offense, gaining muscle in the off-season, leading all rookies in 3 point percentage, being the ideal starting guard next year to MCW, things are looking up for this formerly undrafted Georgetown guard.

Will he only get better as the season goes on? Lets see.

10. Late Season Tryouts

Last years sixers signed Adonis Thomas, Casper Ware, James Nunnally, Darius Johnson-Odom, Jarvis Varnado and Dewayne Dedmom. All through 10 day contracts over the course of the last few months of the season.

With Hinkie having intel on many undrafted and d-league players, and with most likely, a (not so friendly) record near the end of the season, lets see if Hinkie picks some up for a tryout.

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