15 Man Roster Thoughts


1. Michael Carter-Williams
2. Tony Wroten
3. Scottie Wilbekin
4. Casper Ware

I will be ecstatic if Scottie Wilbekin joins our team. He hustles his balls off, plays very sound defense, has decent height, and can shoot. Wilbekin is a team player. He actually graduated a year early from high school because the Gators needed a backup point guard. The dude just loves to win and would be a great addition to our team. He didn't have the best first game for us. However, when he got used to the guys around him he really started playing well towards the end of the game. As for Ware, I like him over Maynor. Maynor is a vet. However, Ware plays like a mature point guard, makes the right decisions for the most part, and has better upside than Maynor. I view Ware as the fifteenth man on my fifteen man roster.


1. Hollis Thompson
2. Jason Richardson
3. Sean Kilpatrick
4. Jordan McRae

I love that Thompson added some good size. He has great height and his added bulk should help him. He looks like he is poised to return as our starting PG. This would mean that our shortest starter would be MCW at 6'6. J-Rich's contract sucks, his health sucks, and for all we know he sucks. However, he could be a good backup. We will just have to wait and see. If he isn't the #2 shooting guard, I like Kilpatrick a lot. He had to do way too much to make Cincinnati relevant. He's a mature player at 24 years old and should step in and perform like a veteran. Kilpatrick could develop into a starter. If you took last year's Dwyane Wade and mixed him with Lance Stephenson I think that is Kilpatrick's ceiling. He can shoot and is very tough. He will have to mature defensively and not take as many risks, however I think that can be attributed to him having to put the team on his back at Cinci. He understands his new role and looked phenomenal in Game 1 in Vegas against the Jazz. In my eyes, McRae is a very good prospect. He's old for a rookie just like Kilpatrick. However, McRae's measurables are fantastic. He has over a 7' wingspan and just needs to add some bulk in order to become a solid bench player. I would like to see him stay on the team.


1. Thaddeus Young
2. KJ McDaniels
3. Jerami Grant

I would be surprised if Thaddeus was still a 76er after the trade deadline. I could see him being a part of a Kevin Love trade or something along those lines. I love Thad but we can definitely get a solid asset for him (international prospect, young guy with promise, or a draft pick). Plus, the guy just deserves to win. The work he puts in is very evident. Just look at the way his shot has developed over the years. McDaniels is a high floor, high ceiling guy. He plays phenomenal defense and plays hard. His shot isn't horrendous as he can drain an open three. McDaniels should see some serious minutes this year (25ish?). Grant is a prospect. That's all he is. He has his moments where he jumps out of the gym and puts back a solid dunk. Hell, he's even hit some threes so far in summer league. However, he is raw as can be and definitely should not be seeing more than 5 minutes per game in the NBA this season. I think he has a legitimate chance of getting sent down to the D-League for a bit.


1. Nerlens Noel
2. Ronald Roberts Jr.
3. Arnett Moultrie

Nerlens is a power forward but can definitely take over at center if Sims needs a break and we want to go with a small lineup. Everybody loves Ronald Roberts Jr. I really hope he comes to us instead of the Heat. I'd like to think he comes here because he can't get some more minutes and he's a Philly guy. Moultrie stays because he's been here before and can help maintain some continuity with our team. Plus, he's under contract and there's no need to pay his contract as well as whoever we would bring in if they wouldn't be any better.


1. Henry Sims
2. Brandon Davies

Gotta love Sims. That was a solid addition for us. I think he starts at center this year and gets some solid experience. Will be a good backup center for us next year when Embiid is healthy and doing big things. Davies isn't good. However, he stayed on the team all year for a reason (whatever that may be). I look forward to seeing what he has added to his game as Summer League continues.


1. Joel Embiid

Keep him here all year. Hinkie knows what he's doing. I'm trying to think of who Brett Brown will help develop individually this year...I don't think Embiid is that raw. I'd like to see him continue to work with Nerlens honestly. Such a high ceiling. Nerlens and Grant should be getting the majority of Brett Brown's individual training sessions.


1. Arselan Kazemi
2. Dario Saric
3. Vasilije Micic
4. Furkan Aldemir

Saric will definitely be here in two years. I'm very confident about that. He will be a great player. Boris Diaw/Lamar Odom. I'm not so sure about Kazemi. I know he wants to be here. I just don't know if he's an NBA player. I was more confident in him last year. For now, I really don't think Kazemi ever wears a 76er jersey. I really like Micic. I think he could come over in a few years and be a good backup PG for us. Between Wroten, Micic, and Wilbekin I think we will definitely find a very solid backup PG for the future. The kind of PG that could start for other teams. Aldemir is a solid guy. I think he's a career backup. However, he's a tough guy, plays hard, and plays outstanding defense. Give him 15 minutes per game for his career and we have a very solid defensive bench player down low.


1. Eric Maynor (owed $2 million)

We have all the money in the world and Maynor has nothing to offer. He's a poor basketball player with no upside. Give me Wilbekin and Ware over him any day of the week.

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