8 things to think about...

Halfway through summer league and with free agency well underway, here are 8 things Sixers fans are thinking about:

1. What can the Sixers do with their cap space?

A. Make an offer for one of the handful of remaining free agents such as Stephenson, Bledsoe, or Monroe. Stephenson is the only one that would seem to make any kind of sense at all.

B. Take on one of the remaining contract dumps for picks, such as Boozer or Nash? Most Sixers fans have been waiting for something like this to occur.

C. Hang on to it until the trade deadline hoping to make a move later. Anything is possible, but Sixers fans are hardly hoping for this outcome.

2. What do we make of the performances we've seen by the Sixers summer league squads so far?

A. It has been very nice to see Noel in action, and it is easy to project his impact on the defensive end.

B. Thompson looks to have made some real progress, as has Ware from among the returning guys, Davies unfortunately thus far looks about the same.

C. Lots of interesting play from our 2nd round picks and rookie free agents so far, Roberts, Sampson, and Kilpatrick in particular. How many of these guys will be signed, and who will end up in the D-league?

D. Also worth mentioning the overall preparedness of the teams, certainly a credit to the coaching staff.

3. Any chance this team makes a move to get in the Kevin Love sweepstakes. In short, not likely at all.

4. Is Thad still going to be around at the start of the season? See #3 above.

5. Are we going to see Joel Embiid at all this season? Again, probably not.

6. Is Tony Wroten going to be a PG this season, or will he see significant time at SG? This depends on how impressed they have been with Casper Ware so far, the development of McRae and maybe Kilpatrick, and whether or not they see McDaniels long term as a SG or a SF. Same with Thompson.

7. As of right now, what is the Sixers opening night starting lineup? MCW, McDaniels, Thompson, Young, Noel.

8. As of right now, what is the projected win total for the season. 25-35 wins.

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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