The Hinkie Hiccup

First off, I am fully committed to Sam Hinkie's Long Game approach. His creative genius in drafting undervalued prospects is second to none. His fully blown obsession with collecting assets is spot on. His deafening silence in the frenzy of free agent acquisitions is understandable yet totally frustrating. Consider me a convert to his General Patton approach to Tanking. Angelo and Howard be damned. Believe in the process !!!

Which brings me to the "hiccup". That late night transaction on Draft Night which haunts me to the core.

How can a man obsessed with asset management SELL a draft pick ?

1) with the 54th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select ..... Nemanja Dangubic from Serbia

At the time I said "OK, that make perfect sense for more Euro Stash plus a team mate of Vassalage Micic the Maestro. But I was at the same time I was very surprised that Hinkie had not done what he did so masterfully the previous year in the 2nd round. Trading picks for more picks and more picks. Last year second round was a windmill of activity.

Then ....

2) Sixers have traded the draft rights of Nemanja Dangubic to San Antonio for the 58 and 60th picks

There you go Sam, wheeling and dealing late 2nd round for another pick, good stuff.

3) with the 58 pick, comes the Jordan McRae selection

Awesome, I was rooting for Jordan to get on our squad anyway after watching him play last year for the Vols, Another athletic who can actually play for the Sixers this year. Ok now, who are we going to get at 60


4) Sixers have traded the 60th pick to the Brooklyn Nets for Cash Considerations

Say What ? A draft pick SOLD ? Sorry but this does not compute. Error Message for sure.

How can a GM so obsessed with draft picks sell one ? Are we not Tanking this year because the Celtics have our pick ? Are we not in full Salary Dump mode to collect more future draft picks ? Isn't a draft pick a prized possession ?

Which brings me to WHY am i bringing up this issue this morning ?

When I watch these exciting Summer League games and see the play of Ronald Roberts Jr. and Sean Kilpatrick who both came in to pre-draft camp to show their talents to the Sixers staff to warrant them being put on summer squads, I marvel that the pick was not used to protect one of these players ? Really ? Selling the draft pick for $ 300,000 to a division rival no less ? We have $ 30 million in available Cap Space and we sold a draft pick for another 1 % ?

Now we all are on pins and needles about RonRob, currently hooping for the Heat in LV, and Sean Sean being signed by another team. They are Undrafted Free Agents. It didn't have to be this way for one of them.

Despite my ranting, I am working hard to forgive you Sam Hinkie. Probably a reaction to eating a Wiz covered Philly cheese steak in celebration to a very successful draft night. You are excused.

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