Embiid for Love

It's getting a little tiring reading about how Minnesota holds the cards with Love, since we all know he is planning to leave one way or another. Even with Love, the Wolves don't have a realistic chance to compete for a title. Further, it would be super-hard to just blow up the Wolves a-la Hinkie and start over, as they are over the cap this year with many of their key players signed long-term. Granted, there is a lot of interest in Love from many teams, but Minnesota would be wise to choose sooner rather than later - some teams (Lakers) may already be leaving the hunt for Love and preparing for next season's free agency. IMHO, Cleveland is one of those teams. Love isn't the only player Cleveland could use to make a run at the title.

Sooner or later, the honeymoon with Hinkie's lose-now approach has got to end, and Sixers fans are going to expect results. Team Chill has been winning the day, but eventually that too will pass, as the reality that losing now is not cool, never was cool, and everyone but Team Chill thinks tanking is cheating. If your club doesn't want to compete for the championship, perhaps it should get out of the Association. I am a big supporter of Hinkie, and I believe that a one-year tank when blowing up a franchise is acceptable, but multiple tank years in succession is creepy and despicable, and will lead to disparaging comments from fans of other teams should your team eventually succeed and win a title. I don't believe Philly fans want a title with an asterisk.

One way to get back in the hunt is to move future productive assets for current productive assets, and that brings us to the prospect of an Embiid for Love trade. For Minnesota, its a no-brainer: it puts them under the cap, and it gives them a franchise center who fans could attach to like they did with Garnett and Love and put them in a position to realistically compete in the Western Conference in two or three years. Without Embiid or Love, the Wolves are headed for guaranteed purgatory. For the 76ers, Love would give them a player who may realistically be very productive for another 10 years at a high level.

With Love on the roster, the Sixers will still be under the cap, and the team looks competitive in the Eastern Conference:

starters: Noel, Love, Young, Carter-Williams, Richardson

key subs: Sims, McDaniels, Thompson, Wroten

Richardson will be playing for his next contract this year, so Brown can play the hell out of him. If his knee isn't ready this fall, Hinkie will just dump him, and the younger players will have to step up just like last season. Young may elect to stay, which I think a lot of fans would appreciate, and future star Saric would be waiting in the wings. In two or three years, the Sixers would probably be at par or better than they would be with Embiid, and they would probably have had a year or two more of playoff experience.

One drawback of the Embiid for Love trade is that the Celtics would get the Sixers 2015 first round draft pick should the Sixers make the playoffs next season. I say, screw the Celtics, let them have pick #24 -#26 and see where that gets them. They can have the ghost of Doug Collins, the Nets can have that zombie hunter Billy King and the Knicks can have- well, the Knicks can have Amare Stoudemire.

Of course, we cannot trade for Love without some kind of long term contract. for his services. I trust Hinkie to be able to make that happen.

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