We're getting something out of a Kevin Love to Cleveland deal. Not Wiggins, but something....

First, let me say that I don't think Cleveland needs Kevin Love. Yes, he would make them a better team this year, and maybe even for two or three years. But the advantage would diminish each year, as the assets Cleveland gives up matures. Then, four years down the road, Lebron has to make the decision to make: do I stay with Kyrie and Kevin, who get injured a lot and those injuries may become more frequent?

If Lebron was sincere in his desire to return to Cleveland because its home, and to set an example to the kids, yada yada... Then, he's there to stay, and he should be concerned about the Cavs being good for the next ten years, not the next three or four. Therefore, if I'm Lebron, I'd want them to keep, Irving, Waiters, Wiggins, Bennett, Thompson and Varejao. That core, along with good draft picks, is an NBA powerhouse for a long time to come. A Cleveland fan would even hope that a 25 year old Wiggins is surpassing a 34 year old Lebron.

But if Cleveland does make a deal with the Timberwolves, the Sixers will (or should) get a two guard out of it!

Cleveland has Waiters and Wiggins, and have been reported to be interested in adding Ray Allen, James Jones and Mike Miller. If these moves were at the behest of Lebron, then he does in fact want to win right now with proven veterans. The Cavs also drafted Joe Harris, a 6'6" shooting guard out of Virginia. That's six shooting guards, none of whom play the point guard position well.

The Timberwolves have Kevin Martin, Alexy Shved and just drafted Zach Lavine. Lavine thinks of himself as a point guard, but nobody's buying it. Besides, Ricky Rubio is in front of him. So he might as well get used to the idea of taking over for Kevin Martin.

The Cavs want to steal KLove for just Waiters, Bennett and a first round pick. Of course, Timberwolves reject that, and insist the Cavs add Wiggins and either Varejao or Thompson. Cavs reject that and that's probably where we are today... in the midst of negotiations.

Regardless whether they trade Waiters or Wiggins, the Timberwolves are losing a 25 and 15 power forward, and the best assets they can receive in return from Cleveland are shooting guards, when they already have shooting guards! And that's where the Sixers and Thaddeus Young come in.

To facilitate the deal, the Sixers have Young and draft picks to add. Although Thaddeus Young apparently could not net us a lottery pick in this year's draft (if he was indeed offered up for one), his value increases in this context. While some around the league probably view Thad's 18 and 6 with 2 steals last year as a product of the system, there's also no doubt around the league that Thad is a very good player and a glue guy.

His contract is ending and the Wolves will be in a similar position with him next year. So Thad is not necessarily a must have for the Wolves.

But if I'm Minnesota, I think I can sell something like Dion Waiters, Thaddeus Young, Anthony Bennett, a Cavs first round pick and a Sixers second round pick for Kevin Love (to Cleveland) and Zach Lavine (to the Sixers). The Nuggets were almost universally praised for hauling in something similar to when they traded Carmelo Anthony. If the Wolves are gonna lose Love for nothing, I'm not sure they can get a better deal this. Remember, they called GSW again, and the Warriors refused to give them Klay Thompson, again.

Another option is Thaddeus Young, Anthony Bennett, Cavs and Sixers picks for Kevin Love (with the Sixers getting Waiters). The Sixers getting Waiters or LaVine for Thaddeus and a second round pick would be a coup! The Sixers should even consider throwing in a 2017 first round pick, since we shouldn't be in the lottery by then, and most assuredly not if we scoop up Waiters now.

The Wolves have to sell any deal for Kevin Love to their fan base, especially the casual fan. The Wolves could sell Thaddeus' current production and scheme fit, Waiters rookie-sophomore game performance, along with Anthony Bennett's potential and the draft picks. After yesterdays performance, they're not getting Wiggins from Cleveland. Moreover, Bennett is improved, but I doubt they can sell him to their fans as K Love's replacement--not after his total washout last year.

This is not a slam dunk. The Wolves could feel that Thaddeus is simply not worth it, or another team like the Bucks could perhaps offer up Larry Sanders or something. But it's definitely a possibility to consider. Who wouldn't want Wiggins? But we don't have to get him specifically to get a win out of this...

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