Speculations that the Sixers have a chance to trade for Wiggins

So a lot of people are speculating that because Lebron didn't say Wiggins name in his letter that he is definitely going to be traded to the Wolves for Love. IMO that would be stupid of them they can trade a collection of other assets to the Wolves that they would like for Love. They should try and keep Wiggins at all costs imagine him and Lebron on a team for defense that's scary 2 elite lockdown defenders.

Anyways because of this speculation some Sixers fans are now asking if the Sixers can get in on the Cavs Wolves trade and snag Wiggins. Regardless of trying to get in on the Cavs Wolves trade its highly unlikely we can get Wiggins for the main reason that we just don't have many assets/tradeable assets.

Embiid? No way, Hinkie is rebuilding for the future and Embiid is projected to be arguably the best player in the league in 4-5 years at the center position none the less which doesn't happen anymore.

MCW? The Cavs already have Irving so this would have to be a 3 team trade and we would have to throw in a lot of assets(some combination of Thad, 1st round picks, euro staches, bench players) and at this point Hinkie isn't going to move that amount of assets to get just one player.

Noel? He is a possibility but even though he is about 16 months removed from his ACL tear its still a question mark how well and how long it will take for him to come back from it so again you may have to add some other assets with Noel which again I don't believe Hinkie wants to do. Also I don't believe Hinkie wants to get rid of Noel before he sees Noel play with Embiid and how well that does or doesn't work.

Thad? LOL no chance.

Saric? He won't be over here at minimum for 2 years which the Cavs don't want to wait for. Also similar to MCW you will have to throw in other assets and Hinkie isn't going to do that yet for just one player.

So as you can see we don't have many tradeable pieces that Hinkie is either willing to give up or I will cost too many assets to get Wiggins. If it didn't cost many assets to trade for Wiggins the Sixers would have done that in a heartbeat on draft night. If anybody can come up with an idea where we don't give up a lot and can get Wiggins and it looks like a Trade that Hinkie would consider by all means comment hear and let me know because i'd be very interested in hearing that. Other than that I hate to say it but we have to wait for the future to either sign Wiggins or trade for him.

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